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You are looking at the most up-to-date fishing conditions at Grey Reef. The Reef Fly Shop’s weather station is steps away from the river. Streamflows come directly from the Bureau of Reclamation and automatically update as new information is added. We’re posting photos from our Instagram account regularly, too. Keep an eye here for current stream conditions on the North Platte from The Reef Fly Shop.

Most Recent Stream Conditions

  • Winter Wonderland Fishing Report for the North Platte River (12/21/2017)

    Winter weather has finally arrived, but that doesn’t mean the fishing has slowed any! Fishing has been great from the Miracle Mile all the way through The Reef. With colder temps that means less people, now is the time to come fish in solitude. Flows are steady at their winter levels and shouldn’t change until spring. As the cold sets in fish will be more concentrated in the slower deeper runs.

    Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS- Fishing has been really good, Flasbang midge, PAL, LAZY, scuds, and leeches have been our best flies. Keep an eye out for rising fish when the temperature rises above freezing and the midges start hatching. Dry fly midge fishing can be challenging but a very fun option mid-winter.

    Miracle Mile-550 CFS- Definitely the most crowded out of any the tailwaters, but the fishing has still been good. Worms, scuds, leeches, rhinestone, and the All Day May have been the go-tos. Streamers like the Goldie or its cousin the Rusty Trombone have been really good on some days! The road was in good condition as of a few days ago, however with last nights snow that could’ve changed.

    Grey Reef- 500 CFS- Fishing has been just awesome on the reef. The streamer bite was on FIRE the other day with the Rusty Trombone. As we go into winter it’s best to focus on the warmest part of the day, as that’s when the fish are most active. Nymphing has been really solid as well. A natural pine squirrel leech with an All Day May behind is the ticket. Running anywhere from 4-6 ft indicatr to weight with a BB or 2 as your weight.

    As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to stop by the shop or give us a call. Hope everyone has a very happy and safe Christmas!


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