Private Access Fly Fishing

Private access is a rare commodity in Wyoming and this is what our North Platte River fly shop and North Platte Lodge provide exclusively for our guided fly fishing guests. In Wyoming, the water is public domain, but the land underneath belongs to the private landowner. The Grey Reef section of the North Platte River is mostly private, but with our fly fishing guides you can fully experience Upper Grey Reef, where we have 17 miles of private access and 3 private boat ramps.

Fly Fishing Guides at Grey Reef

Our leases allow us to wade fish and drop our anchors on a whim. Our private access stretches from the dam at Grey Reef to well below Government Bridge.


Alcova, Wyoming, has ample angling opportunities. The Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon, and Grey Reef are all part of our homewaters. Alcova, Pathfinder, and Grey Reef Reservoirs are also haunts frequented by our guides. The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge are both proximal these waters, which means more time fishing and less time spent driving.

The Grey Reef section of the North Platte River is a stellar trout fishery. During the springtime Grey Reef sees a surge of nonresident guides. When the water level rises and the spawn is over they disappear. Rumor is that Grey Reef is only productive during this timeframe. That belief is categorically false; Grey Reef offers great fishing all year long. We know, because we fish the river through four seasons.

The North Platte River, particularly Grey Reef, is productive year round, but sometimes it takes an experienced guide to show you the whys and hows. Book a guide from The Reef Fly Shop today.

Click the image below for a much larger version of our Private access map.