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Fly fishing outfitters with
passion and expertise

Reef-Fly-Shop-Guide-Landing-Fish-480x400Year after year our expert guides come back excited to show both novice and expert fly fishermen alike the bounty that the Grey Reef and North Platte River have to offer. They love their jobs and it shows in the personalized attention that they give to each and every guest.

They understand that fly fishing outfitters offer more than just products and professional guidance. At The Reef Fly Shop, our guides know that the top priority is your experience.

While catching trout is their priority, each fly fishing guide is also a patient instructor, expert oarsmen, and has a passion for fly fishing. No rookies here! They know the North Platte River intimately and will take you to the areas that they think is best for you–not only for catching trout, but also to match your skill level and group size.

We are adamant that our fly fishing guides have all the tools to provide our guests with a wonderful experience and we expect greatness from them. Each fishing guide delivers a strong work ethic, keen sense of river etiquette, a personable disposition, and a tenacious will to help you succeed at landing big trout.

Private, secluded water and a fishing guide for every skill level

When fly fishing in Wyoming, it’s important to note that most of the land under the North Platte River is privately held, meaning you must have permission to drop anchor, wade, or beach your boat on private property. By providing our customers with unparalleled access to private land, we can ensure that all of our guests are afforded the opportunity to stop for a break, a wade fishing session, or quick lesson.

Rest easy knowing that you’re fishing one of the best stretches of river in the world in an area of land privately held for your convenience and comfort.

Our guided excursions are tailored to meet your needs, whether it’s a simple half day trip to get to know the river better or a full day of wade fishing on private access land complete with flies and lunch.

Your fishing guide is there to ensure that you have a fulfilling and relaxing day. They pay attention to the details so that you can focus on more important things like catching trout.


Fly fishing outfitters for the discerning vacationer

At The Reef Fly Shop, we understand that you’ve been waiting all year to pull on some waders and start casting, so our fishing guides waste no time getting you where you want to be: out on the North Platter River.

Our guests come back annually (sometimes more often) because they know that they will be treated to the best fly fishing experience in Wyoming that they could hope for.

People come from around the globe to fish the Grey Reef, to check it off their bucket list—each of our fishing guides ensures that they make that check mark with gusto.