Wyoming Fly Fishing

Not much has changed on the North Platte.  Had some nice weather yesterday and the fishing was good from the reports we gathered.  Brad hit up Cardwell for a few hours in the afternoon and did REALLY well nymphing LAZYs, PALs and a foam wing RS2.  I went out for about an hour and swung a Morrish medusa on the… Read More

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wind was the enemy over the weekend!  Friday and Saturday had sustained winds around 30-40mph and gusts to 70mph.  We decided to cancel our day trips and move them to following weekend…wise thing to do.  Sunday shaped up nicely and yesterday was an absolute peach. Grey Reef continues to nymph very well and we did manage a few fish on… Read More

Grey Reef Spring Flush

So we have been fielding a lot of calls and emails in regards to the spring flush on Grey Reef.  From what we have a heard, courtesy a few of our inside sources is at this point in time it does not sound like we will have one. With the current reservoir levels and snowpack, we might be seeing another… Read More

Miracle Mile Road Conditions

As of 2/24/12 the conditions to Miracle Mile from Alcova are mostly good.  Icy and drifting snow in  a few spots.  Conditions can change daily, so you definitely want 4 wheel drive and make sure you let someone know of your plans.

North Platte Fly Fishing Report

After weeks of beautiful winter weather we are back to some wind today.  Some is a very loose term…it’s probably blowing 50mph on Grey Reef today.  While we may gripe about the wind, it means the mountain ranges that feed our Wyoming rivers are currently getting pounded with snow.  Not a bad trade off. As for the fishing…Grey Reef continues… Read More


If your wondering why we don’t have current report…well, somebody decided to hack the system and destroy the old fishing reports page.  We will try and get something up by the end of the day.  Sorry for the inconvenience!