Big weekend on the North Platte!

Well, I think it’s safe to say that this was the breakout weekend for the 2012 season.  With water conditions at Grey Reef being slightly questionable we held off on our guide boats until yesterday.  Visibility on the upper river (Grey Reef-Lusby) was around 1.5-2ft.  Plenty good for fishing!   Hot-head pine squirrel leeches, hot-head mohairs, reef worms, IEDs, mini… Read More

North Platte Conditions Report

6:11pm GREY REEF-water below Grey Reef dam looks like iced tea.  It is fishable.  Fly Shop creek was running a little bit late this afternoon. Fremont is in good shape as is the Miracle Mile.  Road conditions to the Mile…muddy.

North Platte River Conditions

03/08/2012 2:00pm GREY REEF-slightly cloudy but clearing. Just went down to Grey Reef Dam to talk to Brad, who is the king of Grey Reef wadefishing.  He was hooked up when I got there and hooked up as I was leaving.  According to him the fishing at the Dam is insane right now!  Pine squirrel leech, hot-head leech, san juan(purple)… Read More

North Platte River Conditions

03/07/2012 3:36pm GREY REEF-muddy below Grey Reef Dam.  Our best guess is it probably isn’t going to clear by tomorrow.  With the warmer temperatures it might get worse but we are not going to make that call until it happens.  We will update Grey Reef river conditions tomorrow morning. FREMONT CANYON-mostly clear. MIRACLE MILE-mostly clear but the road is muddy… Read More

Muddy water below Grey Reef

Glad our guides and anglers got a least one day in on the lower river.  Jim Peterson and Seth managed some really nice rainbows floating below Government Bridge.  From the sounds of it the fishing was on fire until the river blew out around 3:00…after that they came up to do the upper river to finish out their day. Stu… Read More


Here is the link to the North Platte Lodge weather station.  Finally a weather station that tells us exactly whats going on at Grey Reef.  Enjoy!