Baetis on Grey Reef

Our Grey Reef guide boats just got off the river and everybody is pumped.  Seth, Stu, Rick and Brad all reported great fishing from Grey Reef to Gov. Bridge along with a wadefishing session at Cardwell (Fremont Canyon).  From the sounds of it, baetis were the key.  According to Stu, him and the Maydew’s never changed bugs from a cdc… Read More

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North Platte Fly Fishing Report

What a weekend!  Finally got some much needed snow and rain to Central Wyoming.  Despite the foul weather we had a busy weekend on the Platte.  Our guide boats fished everything from Grey Reef to Bessmer Bend.  As for the fishing, it was on fire!!!!  Nymphs, dries and streamers.  Guided angler Eric Hollenbeck from Grey Reef to Gov. Bridge and… Read More

Grey Reef Fly Fishing

PLEASE READ…. We have been having issues with people misunderstanding the closed section on Grey Reef.  It is closed for the month of APRIL from cable to cable(approx. 500yds of Grey Reef) to ALL FISHING.  Please stay current with all rules and regulations, it is your responsibility as an angler.

North Platte Fly Fishing Report

Well, we are seeing baetis on a daily basis but we still sticking lots of fish on various leech and worm patterns.  Our guides and anglers have been spending a lot of time wadefishing the upper river…so many runs wadefish well at this water level.  The water clarity on Grey Reef  is good all the way to Casper.  We have… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Well, we are 1hr and 30mins from wrapping up the 2012 spring flush.  As always, it’s done it’s job well!  The river looks great and the rainbows should have plenty of spots to spawn.  As always be considerate of the spawning fish…at the very least PLEASE do not walk through the redds.  As for the fishing…Fremont Canyon has been offering… Read More