North Platte Fly Fishing Report

Our guides came back happy this evening.  Most of them did some section of the upper(GR-Gov. Bridge).  Had full-day floats and primer trips both…honestly, it’s been a great couple of days.  1,800cfs has been really good for Grey Reef.  Lots more water to fish and it relieves a little bit of the pressure on the river.  Leeches, worms, eggs, midges… Read More

North Platte Fly Fishing Report, Wyoming

Alright….so the river levels have been changing a lot this week.  As of right now Grey Reef-1,800cfs, Miracle Mile-1,000cfs and Fremont-500cfs.  All are very good water levels.  Fremont is still fishable but there has been a fair amount of floating debris.  Grey Reef is prime right now!!  1,800 is a great wade and boat fishing level.  At this level lots… Read More

Flows Up and Grey Reef Fly Fishing Is On Fire!

Well, the flows on Grey Reef and Miracle Mile are holding steady at 1,000cfs.  Over the past several days the Grey Reef flows have gradually climbed to it’s current level and from the sounds of it this should carry through the month of May.  We would prefer a little higher but this is a great level for the river to… Read More

Grey Reef Flow Update

Grey Reef is at 800cfs…it should be at 1,000cfs by tomorrow.

Grey Reef Fly Fishing

First off, apologies for the lack of fishing reports the last week.  We have been swamped!!!  Well…the fishing on the North Platte right now is nothing short of amazing.  Whether it’s fishing the small bugs on the upper(Grey Reef-Gov. Bridge) or pitching leeches and sac fry down low(Gov. Bridge-Casper)…it’s all good!  Yesterday we fished nymphs to Lusby, then switched to… Read More

North Platte Fly Fishing Report

What a weekend!!!  60s,70s and very little wind.  Had boats strung out from Miracle Mile to Casper over the weekend and per this spring, reports came back excellent…lots of happy anglers.  We can say that the fishing has gotten a little tougher in the early am but as soon as the bugs starting popping the fishing has been crazy!  We… Read More