North Platte Fly Fishing Report

Well, we are seeing baetis on a daily basis but we still sticking lots of fish on various leech and worm patterns.  Our guides and anglers have been spending a lot of time wadefishing the upper river…so many runs wadefish well at this water level.  The water clarity on Grey Reef  is good all the way to Casper.  We have… Read More

Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Well, we are 1hr and 30mins from wrapping up the 2012 spring flush.  As always, it’s done it’s job well!  The river looks great and the rainbows should have plenty of spots to spawn.  As always be considerate of the spawning fish…at the very least PLEASE do not walk through the redds.  As for the fishing…Fremont Canyon has been offering… Read More

Grey Reef Flushing Flows

Well, the flush is working it’s magic.  Made it out on the upper briefly yesterday afternoon and the water was already a nice shade of green.  We had a blanket hatch of midges and baetis with fish eating nymphs, dries and streamers.  The river bottom is looking great and the fish are healthy.  A couple more days of the flush… Read More

Grey Reef Flush Is On!!!

So we are officially done with day 1 of the spring flush on Grey Reef.  The river is muddy!!!  A combination of flushing flows and runoff from last night have turned the river a shade of tomato soup.  As always we will keep you updated.

Grey Reef Fly Fishing

So…we apologize for the delay, it’s been a busy week.  We have had lots of boats on the water, PRIMER trips, boat rentals, shop business, etc.  Thank you for your business!!  As for the fishing…I have been guiding quite a bit over the past week and I have to say in twelve years of working on this river-the fishing is… Read More

North Platte Fly Fishing Report

Other than the HUGE wind event yesterday afternoon the weather has been awesome in Central Wyoming.  As for the fishing, it continues to be lights out!  We have had multiple guides on both Grey Reef and Miracle Mile the past several days and we have had some very happy guests.  The program continues to be the same as far as… Read More