dry fly time!

The warm weather has brought with it more prolific hatches. The Tricos have started to grow in numbers each morning. We are still seeing plenty of PMDs, Caddis, and Yellow Sallies. Throughout the day changing up patterns should yield more fish. Tricos and midges right off the bat. Then moving to PMD patterns. And lastly moving to Yellow Sallie patterns…. Read More

Bug Buffet! North Platte fishing Report

Summer bugs are here and the fishing are LOVING IT! PMD’s, yellow sallies, and caddis are all on the menu now. Fishing has remained consistently good throughout all three tailwaters, we’re even getting some dry fly action! This weeks weather forecast seems to be more of the same, hot and calm, should keep these bugs coming off. We do have… Read More

Fourth of July North Platte Fishing Report

Happy Birthday America! Fishing has been awesome this past week and just get better through the holiday weekend! We’re seeing lots of summer bugs out and about and the fish are really keying in on them. We’re finding fish in a lot fun buggy spots, riffles, shelves, and drop offs. Grey Reef- 3,000 CFS Fishing has been consistently good from… Read More

Summertime on the Reef!

With Summer officially underway we are about to get buggy! One thing we are always looking forward this time of year is the Golden Stonefly hatch. Over the past few days the Golden Stones have started their emergence on The Mile. Anytime now there will be giant bugs littered over the surface! Our guides have been throwing a lot of… Read More

Flows on the rise!

All 3 tailwaters saw a bump in flows! Tuesday started the rise in flows. Its looking like we should see a plateau for the weekend as the reservoirs are filling up. Currently Pathfinder is at 95%, Alcova is at 98%, and Grey Reef Reservoir is at 94%. The warm weather this week has really accelerated the melting. Grey Reef- 4000… Read More

Flows moving in the right direction!

This morning we woke up to another bump in flows! The warm weather the past few days have caused the snow pack to accelerate its melt. A step in the right direction! Reef- 3000 CFS Fremont- 320 CFS Miracle Mile- 2500 CFS Nymphing is still the most effective method right now. The popular patterns¬†are PSL in brown or natural, Reef… Read More