Fremont Canyon

Made it over to Fremont for a few hours yesterday morning.  Wind was pumping down the meadow at Cardwell access!!  Nymphed a standard 7-8ft rig in the beginning with a LAZY midge, brassie and/or mercury midge.  Fish were stacked in all the standard spots.

Around 11am we started to see a few midges coming off…this led to a change in tactics…mini rig paired with a couple of emergers and we started to pick up some nice fish in the skinny water.  It wasn’t a bad way to spend a few hours.  I think if it had not been windy we would have been able to fish dries…

Yesterday was the ideal winter day.  Temperatures in the low to mid 30s and zero wind.  Brad and I managed to make it out and get in three or four solid hours of fishing on Grey Reef.  Brad nymphed and I swung a streamer (goldie)…and we actually doubled on our first casts of the day.  Needless to say, it was one of those days.  Not even sure how many fish were landed but it was steady all afternoon.  The streamer grabs were super aggressive and the fish fought tough!  Around 2pm midges started coming off like crazy and Brad went to hammering them on a foam-wing RS2.  Other nymphs on the menu included:  pine squirrel leech, san juan worm and scuds.

Winter Wonderland

Well, the weatherman missed this last one…  After hearing several conflicting reports, the storm that hit Alcova Saturday morning brought a half inch of rain and 6″ of snow to the Grey Reef area…not what they initially predicted to say the least.  Closer to the Miracle Mile saw almost 12″ and the road to Leo has been shut down the past 36 hours due to drifting snow.

As for the fishing…good reports came in from both Fremont and Grey Reef with several large fish being caught over the weekend.  Example- Casper native, Colter Adams stuck a 8-10lb rainbow on a streamer.  As for Grey Reef-the nymphing continues go well with leeches, eggs and small midge stuff.  Streamers, especially the goldie continue to produce fish in all the tailouts.

Looks like we have another system moving in tomorrow and we should see another inch or two of snow.  As always we will keep you posted!

Big Wind

I have to say that I’ve seen some pretty windy days living in Alcova. Granted we do have plenty of calm days, they typically do not happen with great frequency in the winter months. Nonetheless the past week here in lovely Alcova has been a battering ram of big wind. Gusts to 70-80 mph with sustained winds in the 20-40 bracket. Obviously it makes for a great reason to catch up on office work, fly shop inventory, etc. After days of the office grind I decided, along with Brad, to go fish. It wasn’t for long but we managed to get in a couple of solid hours, banging casts into the tropical storm force winds. And I must say it was worth it! We caught lots of nice fish from 15-18″, with a few larger specimens. A slow stripped Goldie continues to catch fish along with the standard nymph rig….leeches, scuds, and reef worms.

Well, we finally had some cold weather move into the area the past few days.  Made a few calls this morning and from the sounds of it the river is completely iced over in several sections upstream of Lusby access.  Not sure how long this will last but we will update as soon as we hear or see otherwise.  As for the fishing….talked to several different groups of anglers and it sounds like they are doing well as long as they can keep the ice out their guides.  Leeches and scuds are the bugs of choice on Grey Reef right now.

FYI…DO NOT drive around the road closed sign below the Lusby boat ramp…there is a reason it is closed and you will receive a ticket!!!!!!

Winter Wadefishing on the North Platte Heats Up

We have had really nice winter weather thus far.  With daily temperatures hovering above the freezing mark, it’s fair to say it’s been a winter season for the angler.  Talked several different groups of fisherman yesterday evening at the Sunset B & G and from the sounds of it, it was a good day to be on the water.  A Goldie on a slow strip/swing below Grey Reef seems to be the ticket for all you streamer junkies.  As far as Fremont is concerned, it continues to produce good fish on all things midges…little brassies, zebra midges, etc.  The Mile has also been a mostly nymphing program, with spaghetti and meatballs(worms and eggs) producing fish from the canyon to chalk bluffs.

Wadefished the Junk Hole for a few hours yesterday afternoon.  Temps were in the mid 30s and the wind was SW 15-20mph   Did well swinging/slow stripping a goldie around the bottom of the run.  No monsters but lots of nice rainbows, 15″-18″.

NEW Wyoming and North Platte Fly Fishing Report

We are stuck in a dry weather pattern. After record high temps a couple days ago things have cooled down. As the temps drop so do the wind speeds. Yesterday was calm as it is this AM. Fishing at all venues has been very good. Miracle Mile has seen more than its fair share of traffic as a result of the article in American Angler. Not saying the fishing isn’t great but Grey Reef has been untouched for 2 months. Fremont has seen a fair amount of traffic as well. Nymphing is most productive with midges, leeches, worms and scuds. BUT, don’t discount a slow swing with streamers as they will receive attention. These are great opportunities to treat yourself to an inexpensive yet full-featured trip at Grey Reef or Miracle Mile. Great weather combined with exclusive private access, excellent guides, discounted and nobody on the river. What are you waiting for?

North Platte Fishing Report Grey Reef – Miracle Mile – Fremont Canyon


$450.00/2 anglers-FULL DAY <lunch,drinks & terminal tackle included>

$350.00/2 anglers-HALF DAY <drinks & terminal tackle included>

$160.00/2 anglers-GREY REEF PRIMER <two hours wadefishing with one of our seasoned guides, we throw in a dozen bugs and off you go!>

$475.00/2 anglers-MIRACLE MILE <lunch, drinks & terminal tackle included>

 2014 COTTAGE RATES(per night) APRIL 1-NOVEMBER 30.

$14o.00/2 guests

$155.00/3 guests

$170.00/4 guests

*8% sales tax not included

2014 RV RATES(per night)

$25-power only

$35-full hookup

*8% sales tax not included




Flow- 2500 cfs

Clarity– good from Grey Reef Dam to Casper.

Temp.– 56F@ Cable Hole.

Patterns- GREY REEF-GOV. BRIDGE: Nymphs: UV leech, PSL, RS2 foam wing, ice minnow,  mini impaler, crawdizzle, mercer’s poxyback, cdc case pmd, cdc prince, cdc p-tail, GS mayhem, deep purple, reef worm. Streamers: goldie, bread n’ butter, Morrish medusa(flesh), articulated goldie, dungeon(tan), dungeon(black).


Flow- 800 cfs

Clarity– slightly cloudy.

Temp.- 55 F

Patterns- Nymphs: REEF worm, flossy worm(red), PSL (brown),  mini impaler, crawdizzle, bush’s dad, san juan(purple), UV leech, ice minnow, UV leech, tan scud.   Streamers: goldie, burgin bugger(olive), articulated goldie.  


Flow2050 cfs (note: flows at the Mile are subject to extreme change; refer to flow graph on home page sidebar

Clarity– mostly clear.  

Temp.– 51F

PatternsNymphs: san juan worm(purple), san juan worm(red), pine squirrel leech(brown and crawdad), UV leech(natural), crawdizzle, pat’s rubber leg’s(tan/brn), halfback, fb pt, prince nymph, halfback, inbred golden, RS2 foam wing. Streamers: goldie, bronze bugger, bow river bugger(blk), Morrish medusa(fleshy).

*ROAD conditions from Alcova to the Mile-SPRING WEATHER can change road conditions drastically.  Please use caution!



ATTN: All watercraft being operated in Wyoming will be required to purchase an AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) permit. These can be purchased thru Wyoming Game and Fish online or a license selling agent. [Resident motorized $10.00 annually, Res. non-motorized $5.00 annually, Nonresident motorized $30.00 annually, Nonres. non-motorized $15.00 annually.]


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