Grey Reef Flush Is On!!!

So we are officially done with day 1 of the spring flush on Grey Reef.  The river is muddy!!!  A combination of flushing flows and runoff from last night have turned the river a shade of tomato soup.  As always we will keep you updated.

So…we apologize for the delay, it’s been a busy week.  We have had lots of boats on the water, PRIMER trips, boat rentals, shop business, etc.  Thank you for your business!!  As for the fishing…I have been guiding quite a bit over the past week and I have to say in twelve years of working on this river-the fishing is ridiculous!!!!  Wadefishing, drifting, it does not seem to matter.  Fish are on the feed!  Yesterday we spent the day doing both and I don’t think we went longer than 5 minutes without a fish.  That’s no joke.  We fished a brown UV leech and a pulsating emerger all day.  6ft 1BB.  Had a ton of fish eat on the swing.  I would like to list all the anglers and guides who have stuck big fish the past week but it would be too long.  Our guides and guests have put countless numbers of 21″+ fish in the net with the biggest being a 26″ brown…congrats to Seth and the Sanderson boys.

Don’t forget the flush starts tomorrow at 1am.

Other than the HUGE wind event yesterday afternoon the weather has been awesome in Central Wyoming.  As for the fishing, it continues to be lights out!  We have had multiple guides on both Grey Reef and Miracle Mile the past several days and we have had some very happy guests.  The program continues to be the same as far as patterns and rigs are concerned.  Nothing much has changed on that end.  We are picking up more fish around the middle of the runs and on the drops.  PLEASE remember that we do have fish starting the spawning process… and yes we do realize that people are going to pinpoint these fish.  We do not endorse this in anyway but it is up to the angler.  At the very least DO NOT walk through the redds!   Thank you!

Spring Flush on Grey Reef

April 2-April 6 2012

Flush will run each day from 1:00am to 10:00am.  It will peak at approximately 4,000cfs at 7:00am each day and will be back at 500cfs by 10:00am.  The fluctuating flows are designed to flush the fine sediment from the spawning gravel.

What a week!!!  We are having a little May in March.  Temperatures in the 60s and calm winds.  We have had guides and anglers on every stretch of the North Platte-Fremont Canyon, Miracle Mile and Grey Reef.  After fishing wade-fishing Grey Reef today, Stu and Rick Bresnahan went out for a little spey practice and swung up several fish on a pine squirrel leech.  Our boys out at the Mile today did very well nymphing egg patterns and stones.  The water has gone up at the Miracle Mile-2,000cfs as of today.  Everything continues to fish well and the forecast looks awesome!  We have boats on the water everyday from here on…so here’s to the 2012 season on the Platte!!!!

I’s a “breezy” one today!!!!  The North Platte Lodge weather station has been showing winds between 16-28mph with gusts to 44mph.

The water on Grey Reef continues to improve.  The fishing continues to be borderline on fire with smaller bugs (PALs, LAZYs, jujubee midges, etc.) being back on the menu…don’t worry big bugs are still working.

  aAs for the Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon fishing report.  The Mile has been fishing great with a purple san juan, hh mohair leech and pat’ rubber legs.  The guys seem to be doing better when they vary their depth, run to run.  Fremont Canyon has been really busy as of late but it continues to fish extremely well!  The midge hatch has been bringing fish to the surface on the calmer/overcast days.

North Platte Fly Fishing

So….as of this evening Grey Reef appears to be on the mend.  Water conditions are improving, still not great, but improving nonetheless.  Still kept our guides off Grey Reef today but we did speak with a few anglers that were doing well on the upper wadefishing access.  As for the Mile, it has been fishing very well.  Pat’s rubber legs, purple San Juans, PALs, yuk bugs, and egg patterns.  Seth and his boys fished around six feet a 1-2 B split shot.

Grey Reef Flush

Erik posted the link to the flush article on the the BLOG.   Check it out!


As of 11:53am on 3/15/2012 Grey Reef is MUDDY.  Around 11am yesterday Eagle Creek decided to run red again and blow the river out!  Conditions today on Grey Reef are poor.  A little surprised to see boats putting in???  Sent our boys up to Fremont and the Mile.  As for the fishing before the blow out…Seth said it was silly.  Lots of fish all day and his angler Bill caught several pigs over the 21″ mark.  Top fly patterns continue to be a hot head mohair leech, mini impaler, IED, and UV leech.  Will post another report tomorrow in regards to the Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that this was the breakout weekend for the 2012 season.  With water conditions at Grey Reef being slightly questionable we held off on our guide boats until yesterday.  Visibility on the upper river (Grey Reef-Lusby) was around 1.5-2ft.  Plenty good for fishing!   Hot-head pine squirrel leeches, hot-head mohairs, reef worms, IEDs, mini impalers, PALs and a tailwater tiny were THE bugs.

Rick and Seth used one of our private boat ramps with Meyers gang and had an awesome day!  Gary Meyers, a Casper native said it was the most doubles he had ever had!

For all those wadefishing junkies out there we had several PRIMER trips and all reports came back great.  Same bugs, on a 6-8ft nymph rig with anything from a single BB to two ABs.  A lot of fish still hanging in the lower parts of the runs.  As always we are still picking up a few on streamers and our guide boats yesterday did well on a goldie…surprise, surprise.  We did try some other patterns but the goldie out produced everything else.

Have some great weather the next four days!  Have guide boats out everyday this week, so we will keep you posted.  Thanks to all those that stopped in the shop this weekend.  It was our best weekend of the 2012 season!