Hoppers??? North Platte River Fishing Report

We are seeing a TON OF HOPPERS on the banks and in the water the past few weeks. We have had some success throwing the big foam hoppers on those breezy hot afternoons, even if they don’t eat the hopper you can nail fish on a beadhead dropper. A prince nymph, two bit hooker, hare’s ear, or pheasant tail will do the trick.

Fremont/Cardwell – 80 CFS- Fremont has backed down to it’s minimum flow of 75-80 CFS Still focus on nymphing all the faster water and look for risers in the slower flats. A Parachute Adams or an Elk Hair Caddis have been the go-to dries. PoxyBack PMD, Prince Nymph, All day may, or an rs2 have been our best nymph patterns.

Miracle Mile- 1000 CFS Flows have stayed stable here, and the fishing has been fairly good. PMD’s, midges, caddis, and tricos are all happening at different times throughout the day. A leech followed up with a all day may, mercers pmd, or a hare’s ear has been a consistently good rig. running 2-5 ft indicator to weight with 1-2 B’s.

Grey Reef- 2000 CFS- The Reef’s flows have lowered a bit but the fishing has stayed great still! The trico hatches have been growing everyday, with fish really taking notice. Purple rooster, renegade, royal wulff, or GS trico spinner have all been in the lineup. Nymphing has been good with prince nymphs, barr’s emerger, RS2’s, all day may, and a few leeches every now and then.

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The Tricos are Coming!

Fishing has been excellent as of late with dries, streamers, and nymphs! Tricos have been coming off consistently on The Reef and the fish have taken notice. We are just getting into the hatch, over the next few weeks more and more fish will be looking up! We have an awesome weather forecast this week with highs in the 80’s!

Miracle Mile- 1,000 cfs Fishing has been fair-good out on the Mile. PMD’s are still coming off with tons of midges in the morning and evening. Leeches, san juans, Poxyback PMD, Prince Nymph, and RS2’s have been out top patterns out there.

Fremont/Cardwell 400 CFS Myphing has been really good,as well as some fish on dries! Dry fly fishing with tricos in the morning and caddis in the evening has been starting to pick up! We have been throwing Poxyback PMD’s, Hare’s Ears, Prince Nymphs, RS2’s, and Mayhem Midges on our nymph rigs. Fish have been liking to hang out in the faster water.

Grey Reef- Casper 2,500 CFS Fishing has been great lately with dries, Streamers, and Nymphs! Fish are eating a Parachute adams, royal wulff, or a GS Trico spinner in the morning on the surface. Nymphing has been good with natural PSL’s, prince nymphs, hare’s ears, Poxyback PMD’s, RS2’s and the All Day May. Fishing anywhere from 3-6 ft indicator to weight and a little lighter 2 B’s or 1 AAA. Streamers have been great on the right day, the rusty trombone and old reliable Goldie have been getting it done!

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dry fly time!

The warm weather has brought with it more prolific hatches. The Tricos have started to grow in numbers each morning. We are still seeing plenty of PMDs, Caddis, and Yellow Sallies. Throughout the day changing up patterns should yield more fish. Tricos and midges right off the bat. Then moving to PMD patterns. And lastly moving to Yellow Sallie patterns.

Miracle Mile- 1000 CFS. The PMDs are coming off in big numbers! You might see a residual stone, but I would put more focus on the PMDs and Caddis. Pat’s Rubber Legs, Poxyback PMD, Split back PMD, PSL, Rusty RS2, and the All Day May have been the go to’s.

Fremon/Cardwell- 400 cfs. The flows have come down and bit, but hasn’t effected the fish. With flows dropping water temps have started coming up and that is making the bugs pop! PMDs and Caddis are the big hatches with Tricos starting to make their presences. Throwing Para Adams, Purple Rooster, and Renegade on the surface in some of the slower moving water has been good. Midge larva, poxyback PMD, Split Case PMD, Hares Ear, PT, and Rusty RS2 are great nymphing patterns.

Grey Reef- 2500 CFS. The dry fly action has picked up the past few days! a Single dry or dry dropper close to the bank has been doing well. Lots of fish are now in the shallows looking for that easy meal. Tricos have started to come off in the mornings followed by PMDs and Sallies. If you are looking to throw some dries Para Adams, Purple Rooster, Renegade, and GS Trico are some great patterns. Hares ear, PT, Poxyback PMD, Mayhem Midge, UV midge, soft hackle Sallie, and Rusty RS2 are the go to nymph patterns.

Also Central Wyoming is under a fire ban. No campfires, charcoal grills, or smoking outside of a vehicle.

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Bug Buffet! North Platte fishing Report

Summer bugs are here and the fishing are LOVING IT! PMD’s, yellow sallies, and caddis are all on the menu now. Fishing has remained consistently good throughout all three tailwaters, we’re even getting some dry fly action! This weeks weather forecast seems to be more of the same, hot and calm, should keep these bugs coming off. We do have some cottage availability early this week, give us a call to get your trip booked.

Miracle Mile- 1,500 CFS The stonefly hatch is winding down, but not the fishing. PMD’s are coming off pretty thick as well as some midges. Pats rubber legs, PSL, Poxyback PMD, rusty RS2, and the all day may have all been killer patterns.

Fremont/ Cardwell 950 CFS Fishing has been great here even with the higher flows, don’t let the big water scare you off, the fish love it! PMD and caddis patterns have been our go-tos. Solitudes poxyback PMD, birds nest, CDC case pmd emerger, or the bubbleback pmd have been getting it done.

Grey Reef- below Casper- 3,000 CFS Fishing has been excellent, especially when the bugs are coming off, midges in the morning, PMD’s, yellow sallies, and caddis midmoring- afternoon. Mercers Poxyback PMD, Juju PMD, all day may, or the CDC rusty RS2 are all great options right now. Keep an eye out for rising fish, a PMD comparadun or the rusty cripple PMD have been getting a few eats!

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Fourth of July North Platte Fishing Report

Happy Birthday America! Fishing has been awesome this past week and just get better through the holiday weekend! We’re seeing lots of summer bugs out and about and the fish are really keying in on them. We’re finding fish in a lot fun buggy spots, riffles, shelves, and drop offs.

Grey Reef- 3,000 CFS Fishing has been consistently good from Grey Reef all the way through Casper. Leeches have still been on the menu but flies like Mercer’s Poxyback PMD, Gabriel’s Trumpet, Rusty Rs2’s, and the Birds nest have all been go-tos. We’ve definitely shortened and lightened up our rigs, trying not to hit bottom much at all. If this bug trend continues the rest of the summer should be nothing short of great!

Miracle Mile- 1,500 CFS Stoneflies are definitely out and about and fishing has been good, but there has been a fair amount of pressure up there. Pat’s Rubber legs, Halfbacks, leeches, san juan worms, and pmd patterns have all been producing fish.

Fremont Canyon/Cardwell 900 CFS – The fishing has been good up here, PMD’s Caddis, and midges have all been getting it done. A Bead head poxyback pmd trailed with a RS2 or a mayhem midge has been good. Keep an eye out for fish looking up, an Elk Hair Caddis can be deadly this time of year.

As always if you have any questions call or stop by the shop. Hope everyone has a fun, safe, and fishy 4th of July!

Summertime on the Reef!

With Summer officially underway we are about to get buggy! One thing we are always looking forward this time of year is the Golden Stonefly hatch. Over the past few days the Golden Stones have started their emergence on The Mile. Anytime now there will be giant bugs littered over the surface! Our guides have been throwing a lot of Pat’s Rubber Legs, Red or purple San Juan worms, PSL in natural or brown. Then trailing with RS2 foam post, Mayhem Midge, and Caddis emergers. Above the bridge we are going 5-5 1/5 ft weight to indicator with 2-BBs. Below the bridge 6-6 1/2 ft weight to indicator with 2-BBs or 1-3/0.

The Reef has seen water temps between 54 and 56 degrees. That means the bugs are starting to hatch! We have seen plenty of Caddis from Grey Reef Dam all the way into Casper. PMDs and Yellow Sallies have just started to come off. The dry fly fishing hasn’t started yet, but it’s just around the corner! With water temps where they are there are a multitude of patterns to pick from. Try running a PSL in natural or brown, Red or purple San Juan worm, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Caddis pupa as your 1st bug. Then trail with RS2 foam post in grey or brown, Mayhem Midge black or grey, Z Wing Caddis, CDC PMD emerger, or Poxyback PMD. Look for the soft water on fast runs, and current lines when the river widens.

Fremont Canyon/Cardwell has been seeing some of the same action as the Reef. Caddis, PMDs, and plenty of Midges. Suggested patterns are Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Midge larva, Caddis pupa for your 1st fly. Trail those patterns with RS2 foam post in grey or brown, Mayhem Midge grey or black, UV chocolate emerger, or The Reef’s Maggot. Run your rigs 5-5 1/2 ft weight to indicator with 2-BBs.

Flows as of 6/22-

Miracle Mile- 3400 cfs

Fremont/Cardwell- 2000 cfs

Reef- 3500 cfs

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Flows on the rise!

All 3 tailwaters saw a bump in flows! Tuesday started the rise in flows. Its looking like we should see a plateau for the weekend as the reservoirs are filling up. Currently Pathfinder is at 95%, Alcova is at 98%, and Grey Reef Reservoir is at 94%. The warm weather this week has really accelerated the melting.

Grey Reef- 4000 cfs

Fremont- 1800 cfs

Miracle Mile- 4500 cfs

Our guides have been using a meat and potatoes rig. Red or purple San Juan worms, Reef Worms in red or purple, PSL leech patterns in brown, natural, or black, and emerger patterns such as RS2 foam post and Mayhem Midge. Rigs have been running anywhere between 4-6 ft weight to indicator, and 2 BBs or 1 3/0 for your split shot. Look for the slower moving water on the seams or fishing towards the banks. The big water years bring out some of the best fishing and an opportunity to catch a trout of a lifetime! For those of you who haven’t heard we added 3 new Hyde Skiffs to our rental fleet!  So, if you don’t feel like hauling your boat around we have you covered!

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Flows moving in the right direction!

This morning we woke up to another bump in flows! The warm weather the past few days have caused the snow pack to accelerate its melt. A step in the right direction!

Reef- 3000 CFS

Fremont- 320 CFS

Miracle Mile- 2500 CFS

Nymphing is still the most effective method right now. The popular patterns are PSL in brown or natural, Reef worms, midge larva or emergers, RS2 foam posts in brown or grey. We’ve had some guides  using a dry dropper with some success fishing towards the banks. There have been some sightings of PMDs on The Reef. So, give it about a week and we might have a shot at some dry fly action.

As always if you have any questions or are looking for suggestions don’t hesitate to call the shop! 307-232-9128


The Flows have Dropped? North Platte Fishing Report

The flows have dropped on all three tailwater sections and we don’t really know why. We’re still above normal for our snowpack levels and the reservoirs are approaching max capacity. The water clarity is still awesome and should stay that way. So we will see what happens in the next few days, as of now the flows are

Grey Reef: 2,500 CFS

Miracle Mile: 1,950 CFS

Fremont/Cardwell: 300 CFS

Fishing has remained solid though, the baetis hatch has been incredible on all three sections. Red San Juan has still been the top producer with a RS2  being a close second. Reef Worms, leeches, and midges are all still catching fish. For the Mile add Pats rubber legs, hot head sow bugs, and various scud patterns.

As always don’t hesitate to stop by or give the shop a call with any questions!


Feeling Like Summer! North Platte Fishing Report

The Reef, just like the weather, is hot right now! The fishing has been great on all three tailwaters. The water is CLEAR right now and should stay that way for awhile! The flows have bumped up slightly Grey Reef -3,000 CFS Fremont- 720 CFS and Miracle Mile -3,200 CFS. Don’t let the big water scare you off, fish love water and lots of it!

Fremont/Cardwell- Fishing in the meadow has been great since they bumped the flows. Red Reef worms followed up with a baetis nymph or emerger like Poxy back baetis or RS2 have been getting some great fish up there. Focus your efforts on the softer water with not as much current.

Miracle Mile- Fishing on the Mile has been pretty good, with some days being better than others, red san juan worms, pats rubber legs, and smaller black midges have been working well. You have to throw a lot of lead right now to get you flies down in the swift current. 1-2 3/0 size weights have been getting it done.

Grey Reef-  Fishing has been consistently good from Grey Reef down all the way down to sechrist has been solid. Red or Purple San Juan Worms. Red Reef worms, Rs2 in Grey and Chocolate, A few leeches have been our go-to’s. Fishing 5-8 feet indicator to weight with 2-3 BB’s has been most successful. That being said don’t hesitate to throw a mini-rig to the banks when the bugs start to hatch. A two bit hooker followed by an RS2 with a small, light indicator can make for some fun fishing.

As always don’t hesitate to stop by or give the shop a call with any questions!