Nymphing at it’s Finest!

Fishing has been great on all three tailwaters lately, fish are in the “buggy” mood! We did have a storm that blew out the Reef on friday, but the clarity is already back to normal all the way down to Sechrist. Flows on the Reef have been stable for a while now and we haven’t heard anything about a change. As mentioned in our last report, fish have really been keying in on the baetis (BWO) hatch. Fishing shorter, lighter mini-rigs on the inside edges and seams has been producing.

Miracle Mile- 2,000 CFS- as usual the san juan worm has been owrking well out there, but a lot of fish are eating bugs too. BH Barrs Emerger, RS2 in chocolate or grey, and the pal have been picking up some really nice fish.

Fremont- 130 CFS- The flows have increased today and that is a very good thing, a little more water will open up every run. These fish have been eating bugs like crazy, nymphing and swinging baetis patterns has been awesome. You can even sight nymph feeding fish. This has also been the best area for some dry fly action!

Grey Reef- 2,500 fishing has been just nuts on the Reef. We’ve even been seeing a good number of brown trout! Like mention earlier mini rigging with bugs has been a great option producing big, healthy fish, Juju baetis, All day May, PAL, RS2’s, and the Redneck have all been on the menu.

***We still have some cottages and guided trips available for Memorial day weekend and week. Give us a call and lets get on the water!

Bugs on the menu…

It’s that time of year again!  With stable flows and excellent water conditions the bugs are popping and the fish are on the feed bag.  We have Grey Reef guide boats on the water daily and everyone is catching fish.  It’s a common myth with our fishery that you have to be on the bottom to get em’.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  During our daily baetis and midge hatches fish will slide to the inside and suspend in the water column to feed on the emerging insects.  Catching these feeding fish is as good as it gets, hard “takes” that frequently slide or dunk the indicator several feet, what else could you ask for?  This “mini rig” technique is a substantial part of our program this time of year as well as swinging soft hackles in riffles, when the opportunity arises.  Our standard rig right now is as follows:

Length: 3-5ft(indicator to spilt shot)

Weight: #4 shot-single B shot(depending on water velocity)

Patterns: PAL, pulsating emerger, GS mayhem, all-day may, Blake Jackson’s Macgruber, LAZY, jujubaetis.

We are also mixing in some excellent streamer days right now on the lower river(downstream of Gov. Bridge to Casper).  It seems that the best days have been those with some degree of overcast skies.  Most of our guides have been throwing a single rusty trombone, articulated goldie, and/or a smoke and mirrors from Dirty Water Fly Company.  With our flows currently at 2,000cfs it is best to rig these flies on a sink tip(airflo’s streamer max short) or a fast intermediate(airflow’s 40+ FI).  We are retrieving the fly at medium fast pace, varying the retrieve, pausing in-between strips.

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Nice Weather and Nicer fish!

The time to get up here and fish is now! The weather has been just spectacular and the fishing just as good. The water temps have increased and that has gotten the fish all charged up, they are going crazy when you hook them!

With the increase in water temps we have been seeing more and more baetis activity on the water. A grey or chocolate RS2 has been the ticket when the bugs are out. Otherwise leeches, san juans, and red annelids have been our go-tos.

Flows have stayed stable: Grey Reef-1,000 CFS Excellent clarity to below Casper

Miracle Mile- 2,600 CFS Excellent clarity

Fremont- 75 CFS also excellent clarity

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Spring Fishing is Here!

Spring fishing is in full swing on the North Platte. Fishing has been on fire on all three tailwaters lately. With most days hitting around 50 degrees the weather has been good and looks to stay that way through the weekend. Fish are spawning on all tailwaters right now so watch out for the spawning fish. Don’t walk on or target fish on redds, there are plenty of fish in the runs feeding. Don’t forget about the cable closure below Grey Reef Dam, cable to cable all of the month of April.

Fremont-75cfs Fishing has been really good especially with smaller stuff. Mayhem midge, Reef’s LAZY, brassie, all day may, and flashbang midges are all great patterns right now.

Miracle Mile-2,700 CFS- Fishing has been hot since they increased the flows. Makes for more water to fish, leeches, scuds, san juans, eggs, and midges have all been good. Swinging streamers like the rusty trombone or the goldie have been working well.

Grey reef- Casper 1,000 CFS The river looks great all of the way to casper. We floated down to watco bridge in Casper and got some nice fish to eat Galloups Peanut envy a few days ago. On the upper section, Leeches, reef worms, and midges have all been working really well. We have been doing better with a shorter light rig 4-5 Ft indicator to weight a B or a BB as the weight. Fish the softer edges and seams, there are more fish and larger ones than running your flies down the middle.


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Flush Fishing is ON!

Fishing has been just on fire during the flush! We have had boats out this past week doing everything from riding the “wave” down to wade fishing after the flows drop. The fish are pumped up and on the feed. Leeches, scuds, and worms are all on the menu. The flush will continue through Wednesday the 21st and be back to normal on 3/22.

Fremont- 75 CFS No flush up here so stick your normal fare up here. Midges, annelids, and a few leeches. The PAL, LAZY, and flashbang midge have all go-to patterns. On the right day the streamer fishing has also been good, thin mints, near nuff sculpin, and the rusty trombone have been our best flies.

Miracle Mile 1,000 CFS The flows are up here, but they are not flushing the river. The flows should stay at 1,000 CFS until the end of the month. Leeches, san juans, otters eggs, and the all day may are working well! Swinging streamers like the goldie or the rusty trombone has also been getting some big fish!

Grey Reef- 4000-500 CFS- The Reef has been seriously good, focus all of you attention of the softer edges and slower water. We’ve been running 4.5-6 ft indicator to weight with a “BB” and a “B” as the weight. UV Leeches, HH Leeches, Impalers, reef worms, San Juan worms, and scuds have all been money!

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Flush Fever!

Fishing has been lights out on the days leading up to the flush! Streamers, nymphs and even some dries have all been working well. Looks like we have some incredible weather for the first week of the flush, couldn’t pick a better time to be here!

The annual flush of Grey Reef is slated to begin tomorrow, 3/12, and go until 3/21. During this time the Bureau of Reclamation increases the flow out of Grey Reef Dam from 500 CFS to 4000 CFS back down to 500 CFS everyday for ten days. The flush scours the river bottom to make great spawning habitat for our Grey Reef rainbows.

1:00 to 3:00AM 2,000 CFS

3:00 to 7:00AM 4,000 CFS

7:00 to 8:00 AM 3,000 CFS

8:00 to 9:00Am 2,000 CFS

9:00 to 10:00 AM 1,000 CFS

10:00 to Midnight 500 CFS

During this time tons of food gets kicked up and the trout can go on a feeding frenzy! San Juan worms, squirmy worms, PSL’s, UV leeches, Hot head leeches, and crane fly larva are all great patterns to use during this time.

If you have any questions or would like to book a trip, don’t hesitate to stop by the shop or give us a call. Happy Flush Fishing!

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Spring is in the air!

It’s finally starting to feel a little bit like spring in Central Wyoming.  Temperatures in the 50s this past weekend kicked off some lower river runoff and it seems like we are well on our way.  Although conditions below Government Bridge have worsened, upper Grey Reef(Dam-Ledge Creek) continues to stay in excellent condition as is the fishing.  All three tailwaters; Fremont(72cfs), Grey Reef(500cfs) and Miracle Mile(500cfs) are producing solid numbers of healthy fish.  Our guides have been mixing things up with the streamer and nymph fishing.   As far as our nymph rigs go-we have been rigged 6-8ft, 1-3 b shot and the following bugs…reef worm, PAL, GS mayhem, mini impaler, pine squirrel leech and various scuds(orange, amber, tan).  Streamer wise, we’ve really been keeping it pretty simple…articulated rusty trombone on a intermediate line and your good-to-go…just remember to slow down your retrieve.

Winter Wonderland Fishing Report for the North Platte River

Winter weather has finally arrived, but that doesn’t mean the fishing has slowed any! Fishing has been great from the Miracle Mile all the way through The Reef. With colder temps that means less people, now is the time to come fish in solitude. Flows are steady at their winter levels and shouldn’t change until spring. As the cold sets in fish will be more concentrated in the slower deeper runs.

Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS- Fishing has been really good, Flasbang midge, PAL, LAZY, scuds, and leeches have been our best flies. Keep an eye out for rising fish when the temperature rises above freezing and the midges start hatching. Dry fly midge fishing can be challenging but a very fun option mid-winter.

Miracle Mile-550 CFS- Definitely the most crowded out of any the tailwaters, but the fishing has still been good. Worms, scuds, leeches, rhinestone, and the All Day May have been the go-tos. Streamers like the Goldie or its cousin the Rusty Trombone have been really good on some days! The road was in good condition as of a few days ago, however with last nights snow that could’ve changed.

Grey Reef- 500 CFS- Fishing has been just awesome on the reef. The streamer bite was on FIRE the other day with the Rusty Trombone. As we go into winter it’s best to focus on the warmest part of the day, as that’s when the fish are most active. Nymphing has been really solid as well. A natural pine squirrel leech with an All Day May behind is the ticket. Running anywhere from 4-6 ft indicatr to weight with a BB or 2 as your weight.

As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to stop by the shop or give us a call. Hope everyone has a very happy and safe Christmas!


Winter is Coming! Fishing Report for the North Platte River

Fishing and weather has been fantastic as of late, with great fish being caught daily! We have had nice weather for November with highs in the upper 40’s and lows around 30. All flows have stayed constant and are down to their winter levels. Now is the time to get up here and catch a big one!

Miracle Mile- 500 CFS The Mile has been acting like herself lately, really good on some days and not so great on others. The road is in good condition, but it has been fairly crowded out there (especially on the weekends). Nymphing is still going to be the most productive method, with streamers getting some nice ones. Top flies have been San Juan worms, leeches, scuds, a PAL, Rhinestone, and an All day May. For streamers, the Rusty Trombone or the goldie have been getting them. Definitely seems like a slower retrieve is better.

Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS Fishing has been great here with fish being caught on dries, streamers, and nymphs! The BP bugger or Near Nuff have been go to streamers, streamer fishing has been better on more overcast days. As always the trusty parachute adams in #18 will work if there are fish rising. For nymphs smaller the better, PAL, All Day May, LAZY, Stalkups baetis, and the Maggot midge have all been working well.

Grey Reef-Dave Johnson power plant- 500 CFS Fishing has been awesome from the reef all of the way down below Casper. While there still is some vegetation on the upper section it is very fishable. Cold nights and windy days help move all of the weeds out. There have been some really nice browns caught on the upper section as well as big rainbows. Reef worms, deep purple, PAL’s, leeches, and scuds have all been getting it done. The further downstream you go the weeds dissipate.

As always if you have any questions or would like to book a guided trip or cottage, don’t hesitate to stop by or give the shop a call!

Fall Fishing at its Finest!

Fishing has been excellent the past few weeks with great fish being caught on dries, streamers, and nymphs! Flows are all down to their winter levels. Weather looks great the next few days, highs in the 50’s, lows in the 30’s. There has been little to no crowds on the river, especially mid-week. Fish have been smashing dry flies on the right days, tricos in the morning with psuedos and baetis coming off strong in the afternoon.

Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS- Nymphing has been solid all day with fish looking up for a dry fly at certain times of the day. Prince nymphs, Rs2’s, PAL’s, and  Zebra Midges all picking up fish. A Parachute Adams has been our best dry fly, size #16 or #18. Streamers have also been working on the more overcast days, a rusty trombone or articulated goldie have been the go-tos.

Miracle Mile- 500 CFS- Fishing has been pretty good out there, San Juan worms, Prince nymphs, pheasant tails, tailwater tinys, and rs2’s have been our best flies. The road is actually in good condition, as always that can change with some nasty weather.

Grey Reef- 500 CFS- Fishing has been great from the Reef all the way below Casper. Fish have really been looking up throughout the whole river system. Parachute Adams have been the go-to pattern. There are weeds on the upper section but it is still plenty fishable. The weeds do dissipate as you get further down river. San Juans, Prince nymphs, Pulsating emergers, real deal point fly, and RS2’s are the flies to have, we are running anywhere from 3-5′ indicator to weight with a “b” or a “bb” as your weight.

As Always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to stop by the shop or give us a call with any questions!