North Platte Fly Fishing Report- Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, and Fremont Canyon

Fishing has been spectacular these past few weeks on all three tailwaters! Catching fishing on nymphs, streamers, and even a few dry flies! Flows should stay relatively stable the next week or so, then increase around mid April. It looks like we have some moisture in the forecast over the course of the week, this can make for some lights out springtime fishing.

Fremont Canyon-75 CFS Fishing has been consistently good here. Stick to the smaller end of the fly selection, A red or purple reef worm in size #18-16 as a point fly with a small bug behind has been working well. The Reef’s PAL, Rhinestone, All day may, LAZY, or BH Brassie have all been good patterns. Still concentrate your efforts on the slower deeper water, it’s important to watch out for spawning fish this time of year. They’re fun to watch, but it’s best to let them do their thing. Fremont has been our best place to catch a fish on a dry, a small parachute Adams has been getting it done.

Miracle Mile-1,200 CFS Fishing has been good-great out here with some nice fish being caught daily. Nymphing has been good, we’re having to throw fairly heavy rigs to get ’em. It’s important to adjust your depth and weight regularly to catch fish. Leeches, Reef worms, san juan worms, scuds, and midges have all been working well. The streamer bite is off and on but can be really good on certain days! Articulated flies have been working better than their single hook counterparts. The Art. Goldie, Peanut envy, or the olive Cousin It have been our best bugs.

Grey Reef-Casper 1,000 CFS The reef is fishing great! We’ve had boats on the upper section all of the way down to Bessemer bend. Nymphing on the upper section has been great. Red Reef worms, Purple San juans, Reef’s PAL, Flashbang Midge, Poxyback Baetis, and the Rhinstone have been our top producers. The water below Government Bridge is slightly off color making it perfect streamer water. The Flashier the streamer the better! Dirty Water Fly Co’s Flash Minnow, The Kreelex, Goldie, and sparkle minnows were working!

Our rates are slightly increasing on April 1st, call and book before then to lock in 2016 pricing! As always if you have questions stop by the shop or drop us a line! Hope to see everyone up here enjoying the awesome fishing!

ATTENTION:North Platte-Grey Reef Anglers

We have been fielding a lot of calls/e-mails in regards to the flush and potential flows for the North Platte (Reef, Mile and Fremont).  Well, here’s the skinny… The lowest storage capacity of any reservoir, upstream of Alcova, is Seminoe ~73%.  Pathfinder is at an astonishing 88.5%.  Snowpack in the upper N. Platte drainage is currently 125% and the Sweetwater is 170%.

So how’s this gonna shake out?  Well it looks like we are staring down the barrel of a BIG water year.  Obviously we understand this might be a little discouraging for some of the wadefishing crowd.  Believe or not there will still be plenty of wading opportunities to be had.  Back channels that are virtually fishless at low flows will be prime for the picking and fish will be forced to the banks in the main channel.  These potential high flows will also be extremely helpful with runoff events, rainbow trout recruitment, overall fish health and last but not least-lots and lots of elbow room.  Get your big bugs ready and buckle up! Oh and don’t forget, fish like water!

Early Spring Fishing Report

Despite the colder weather that rolled in the fishing has remained excellent! The weather will keep improving throughout the week and into the weekend with highs reaching into the 50’s. A few TRFS guides were out fishing all weekend and caught some great fish nymphing and on streamers, the goldie was the ticket!

Grey Reef- 500 CFS- The flush is scheduled for 3/6-3/15, as many of you know the fishing can be spectacular during this time. The flush essentially scours the river and cleans out all of the gravel beds used for spawning, it also churns up a mass of food. Crane fly patterns, leeches, san juan worms, scuds, and annelids work very well. Until then our best flies have been a red Reef worm followed up by a mayhem midge or UV Emerger, fishing them 4-6 ft indicator to weight with a BB or two as the weight.

Fremont/Cardwell- 75 CFS- The fishing has been great out there, the road not so much. We suggest having a 4-wheel drive vehicle if you plan on heading out there. Our top flies have been Deep Purple, the Reef’s PAL, choclate UV emerger, and Amber scuds.

Miracle Mile- 1,200 CFS- The Mile was inaccessible this weekend, with warmer temps in the forecast the road should open by later this week.

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North Platte Fishing Report – Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, And Fremont Canyon

Spring is in there air! Looks like we are going to have temps in the 50’s this weekend! We’re sure that there will be more snow to come at some point, so now is the time to get up here and enjoy it! The fishing, like the weather, has been really good the past few weeks.

Fremont Canyon -75 CFS- The fishing has started to pick up in the meadow as well as the canyon with some really nice fish being caught. Reef Worms in red #18 with a foam post midge or a crystal midge as the trailer have been our best patterns up there lately. Focus on the slower water and try going with a smaller tippet size. The Trout hunter 4.5x fluorocarbon tippet has been working very well!

Miracle Mile -1200 CFS-  As of now the road conditions are good.  They raised the flows temporarily this weekend to work on a turbine at the dam, the normal 500 CFS return next week. This should not affect the fishing too much, it could really turn things on. Just like the flush on the Reef it will get the fish moving around and send lots of food downstream for them!  Scuds(esp. amber) leeches, san juan worms, Reef worms, and black zebra midges have all been working well. The streamer bite has been fairly consistent with the Reef’s Goldie being the top producing fly. We had better success fishing the articulated version.

Grey Reef-500 CFS- The Reef has been consistently fishing well, the clarity is good and the fish are hungry! Reef worms in red and purple followed up with a midge (PAL, Mayhem Midge) has been a killer combo. Focus mainly on the slower deeper sections and skip the fast stuff at the top of the runs. A 4-6 FT rig with 1-3 “b’s” for weight has been our go-to.

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Winter Fishing Report- Grey Reef, Fremont, and Miracle Mile

Fishing has been excellent the past few weeks! We’ve got some warm temps coming up in the ten day forecast and we are excited! Like we have said before, a little bump in water temperature can really get some big fish moving around and feeding. Nymphing and streamers both have been producing good fish and lots of them.

TRFS guides Lee and Eric went out the week and did well in the “Junk Hole” using streamers and nymphs. 6 feet indicator to weight and 2-3 b’s for weight with a red Reef Worm and the Reef’s LAZY below was the ticket for them. For streamers they were throwing The Reef’s Goldie on a Fast intermediate line and stripping it in really slow.

Miracle Mile has been fishing great with streamers and nymphs as well. Do not go the back way through sinclair to get out there. Numerous people have been stuck out there this past week. Good flies right now are Zebra midges, Reef worms, leeches, and scuds.The Goldie, as usual, has been our go-to streamer out there.

Fremont canyon has been fishing okay, still fishing pretty good but not quite as good as the reef or the mile. Reef worms and various midge patterns, like the rhinestone or the PAL, have been our best flies out there lately.

Don’t forget about our Off season special! Now – March 15th 2 Nights in one of our cottages and 1 day of guided fishing for 2 guests for only $600! Come see what fishing the Reef in February is all about, Hungry fish and no crowds! For booking or any other questions stop by the shop or drop us a line at 307-232-9128

Fishing Report for Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, and Fremont Canyon

There’s a little break in the weather this weekend and we all have fishing on the brain. Fishing has been solid on all three tailwaters lately. Especially on the warmer days, even just a little change in the water temperature and the fish go crazy!

Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS- Fishing has been good the past few weeks with some nice fishing being caught. Fishing are hanging out in the slower deeper water right now on all three tailwaters, not just at Fremont. Leeches, scuds, and reef worms followed up by a small midge have been working well.

Miracle Mile-500 CFS- Make sure to call and check the road conditions before heading out there this time of year. The road was not good for a period of time this winter. Fishing has been great out there. Swinging or slow stripping streamers has been really good depending on the day, a goldie in size #4 has been the ticket. Otherwise nymphing has been good. Scuds and leeches followed up with a zebra midge or the reef’s PAL has been money.

Grey Reef-500 CFS- Fishing has been really good the past few weeks, mainly focusing on the first few miles below the dam. Streamers and nymphs both producing some nice fish! The nymphing has been good with the same flies mentioned above, a leech, Reef Worm, or Deep Purple down to a PAL or black zebra midge has been good. You’ll find most of those fish staying in the deeper slower water. Typically when you find one fish this time of year there’s plenty more hanging in the same spot.

As always if you have any questions stop by the shop or drop us a line. Our winter Hours are Thursday- Monday 8-2. Hope to see everyone up here enjoying some nice weather and outstanding fishing.


Blowing and snowing.  

We will be honest, our fishing for the month of December has been sporadic.  Our last fishing guests were here mid-month and needless to say, the weather wasn’t the absolute best.  Regardless our  anglers powered through and had excellent fishing, despite the conditions.  

December has been the real deal.  Lots of snow and wind, lots of winter.  Great for snowpack, not so great if your trying to get on the water.  That being said the nicer days have produced.  Lots and lots of fish on the trusty nymph rig and we are still getting fish to eat the streamer on a slow strip and swing.  FYI-With the cold weather we have been having-GREY REEF-is iced over in several spots between Ledge Creek and Lusby.  If you need an updated conditions report give us a shout.  307.232.9128

Winter in full force!

Coming off of temps in the negative 30s, winter is finally starting to tighten her grip.  Lower Grey Reef is starting to see some pretty substantial shelf and flowing slush ice, especially on the colder nights. With the winter program in full swing, our guides and other anglers are concentrating on upper Grey Reef, Fremont and Mile(road conditions depending).  Standard winter patterns: pine squirrel leeches, amber scuds, PALs, reef worms and GS mayhem.  We are still getting some nice fish to eat streamers as well: Goldie, olive burgin bugger, and a near-nuff(tan).   

North Platte Thanksgiving Week Fishing Report

It’s finally starting to feel like November and the fishing is good! With some weather rolling in this week we should start seeing those nice cloudy days that all streamer fisherman have been waiting for. Fishing has been good on all three tailwaters, with Grey Reef and Miracle Mile being the best options.

Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS- Fish has been good on some days and not so good on others. Smaller midge patterns has been the most consistent. Dead drifting leeches has also been good especially in the pocket water.

Grey Reef-500 CFS- The weeds have really started to clear out this past week and we’re consistently catching good fish. Fishing has been excellent in the mornings and tapering off some in the afternoons. Pine squirrel leeches, Hot Head leeches, and scuds followed up by a midge pattern (Reef’s PAL or Zebra midges in various colors) have all been good bugs. We’re fishing on the deeper and heavier side 4-6 ft indicator to weight with 1-3 B’s has been a good set up.

Miracle Mile-500 CFS- Fishing has remained good out at the Mile, it has been crowded though, especially on the weekends. The streamer bite has been off and on, cloudy days are your best bet for streamers, but the nymphing has been consistently good. Leeches, scuds, egg patterns, pats rubber legs, and midges have all been getting nice fish. Watch out for any Redds out there, make sure you don’t step on any. It’s best to leave those fish alone.

This week especially it is good to think about all of the things we are thankful for, 2016 has been a great year for us and that’s because of you. All of our guests that stopped by the shop, went on trips, stayed in the lodge or cottages, you guys made our year great. Thank You. Oh and big brown trout, we are very thankful for them as well!

Don’t forget our Off-Season specials! As always if you have any questions feel free to stop by the shop or drop us a line.


November 15th – March 15th

Cottages $140/night

Full Day Guided Fishing Trip – $375

Half Day Guided Fishing Trip – $300

Miracle Mile Trip – $400

1 day guided fishing and 1 night in a Cottage – $500

1 day guided fishing and 2 nights in a Cottage – $600




Finally Fall

Say what you want, it’s nice to see some cooler temperatures in Central Wyoming.  November has been nothing short of spectacular as far as the weather is concerned.  Day after day of 65 and sunny!  From the looks of it we are moving into more of a late fall/winter weather pattern.  With such a mild fall, until just a few days ago and the weather on the change-we should have some spectacular fishing for the rest of 2016.  With storms on the forecast for the next week, these low pressure days can provide us with a great streamer bite.  If streamer fishing is your program, now is the time!!!