In today's market there are several choices for guides and outfitters for guided Grey Reef fly fishing trips on the North Platte River in Central Wyoming.

When you spend your hard earned money for a professional fly fishing or wingshooting guide you expect to get your money's worth. We expect that you depart with a sense of getting way more than your money's worth.

Guiding Wyoming fly fishing adventures on Grey Reef and Miracle Mile are our specialty and we feel that we do it better than anyone.

One of the ways that we excel is our quantity of exclusive PRIVATE ACCESS for anchoring, wading and stopping while fly fishing Grey Reef. We have 17 miles of access starting right at Grey Reef Dam and continue, uninterrupted, all the way below Government Bridge. This covers the entire Grey Reef stretch and the next section which runs from Lusby to By The Way.

We also have private boat ramps which allow us to start well ahead of the other guides at the public ramps.

Private access affords you the luxury of being able to wade, anchor the boat to land a fish, repair a rig or just take a break.

When you fish with the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop your progress down the North Platte River is dictated by fishing conditions and not by the small public access where others have to stop for lunch. We don't have permanent lunching areas because we want every day to be a spontaneous fly fishing adventure.

Does having PRIVATE ACCESS cost more money? There are a couple of outfitters with more expensive rates than the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop...and they have NO private access.

There are also a couple outfitters who keep their rates a few dollars less than ours and they have no private access. There is only one other outfitter who provides their guests with private Grey Reef access and their rates are slightly less than ours. But, they have less than half of our access.

If we subtracted our lease fees from the cost of your guided fly fishing trip and quit providing our guests with private Grey Reef access the Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge would have THE LEAST EXPENSIVE FLY FISHING TRIPS IN THE REGION.

As fly fishing enthusiasts, we want to get OUT OF THE BOAT and wade fish. We believe that our guests feel the same way. Even if you want to fish exclusively from the comfort of the boat it is nice to know that you can stop where ever and when ever for a bathroom break. When you research your next fly fishing adventure ASK if you will be getting private access with your trip, it makes a difference.

The EXPERIENCE of our guide staff is unparalleled. The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop guides have excellent depth and tremendous experience. Our top 8 guides have:
• 11 years
• 9 years
• 9 years
• 5 years,
• 4 years,
• 4 years
• 6 years
• 8 years

...of consistent guiding on the North Platte River and specifically Grey Reef...entirely with the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop. The two guides who have the least Grey Reef experience have been fly fishing guides for 17 and 21 years respectively. Nobody on Wyoming's Grey Reef can match that.

Why does the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop have such a dedicated and EXPERIENCED guide staff? Because we love Grey Reef! The original owner of the North Platte Lodge handed the operation over to two of his guides several years ago. They are still very active Grey Reef fly fishing guides. One of them had been with the organization since the day it opened for business. The other came on board shortly after. All of the staff remained.

Our guides are employees and not contractors. This means they guide only for the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop. It also means they have dedicated themselves to excellent service for the guests of both. They are employees, not contractors, because we know the value of a guest's relationship with their guide. They want to fish with their guide every year. If the guide staff changes every year those relationships are lost.

Our fishing guides spend their entire season guiding fly fishermen on Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. They don't guide here only in the spring because their preferred river is experiencing run off. They happily spend March through November rowing their fly fishing guests around the North Platte River. Many of them spend their free time fishing the North Platter River(for themselves) during the off season. The rest mix up their off season with guiding bird hunters, fishing around the world and skiing.

Our guides are intelligent individuals who are almost all college graduates. Their areas of education are in fields like fisheries biology and other natural sciences, philosophy and education.

All are great friends with a focus on providing the best experience for their guests. They won't tolerate competitive undertones from their co-workers because they are keenly aware that this attitude artificially inflates egos and severely detracts from the guest's experience. If a North Platte Lodge or The Reef Fly Shop guide is struggling to find success his co-workers will gladly offer flies and advice. It is, after all, about the guest and not the guide.

We promise that that "your" guide will not be the only one of the staff who helps with the success of your trip. Our guides are truly a team and they developed their system because of their respect for each other and their sense of responsibility for the fly fishing guests of the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop.

Our EXPERIENCE is also evident when you come into The Reef Fly Shop for tips and Grey Reef and Miracle Mile fly fishing reports . You will be speaking to someone who has fished or guided the North Platte River in the past few days. You will not find this anywhere else. We welcome phone calls. If you need a fishing report, directions, a shuttle, advice...anything. Feel free to give us a call.

The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop are CONVENIENTLY located, less than a mile apart, right at Grey Reef. The next nearest fly shop is in Casper, WY 20 miles away. The next nearest lodge is 25 river miles below Grey Reef Dam.

The Reef Fly Shop overlooks Grey Reef Reservoir and a productive section of the North Platte River we call "The After Bay". The North Platte Lodge enjoys wonderful views of the upper 2 miles of Grey Reef. Both are located a quarter mile from the main boat ramp and are moments away from world class trout fishing.

We witness every event as it happens. Whether a rain storm dirties the river or there is an amazing hatch. We are the first to see it. We are the only shop on the water and we live right next to the upper Grey Reef section. This gives us a huge advantage when things unexpectedly change.

The fly shop is only a quarter of a mile from the most popular fishing access on the North Platte River. Grey Reef Access Area is also the location of the main "put in" boat ramp on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River.

The Reef Fly Shop is the ONLY FLY SHOP THAT PROVIDES PUBLIC FISHING and HUNTING ACCESS TO THE NORTH PLATTE RIVER. We provide more services than any other shop in the region.

A stop in The Reef Fly Shop will provide you to with the most accurate fly fishing report for Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon and Grey Reef, an awesome selection of flies for fishing success on Wyoming's North Platte River, top quality gear, drift boat rentals, river shuttle service, ice, soft drinks and book one of the North Platte River's best guides. Or, stop in for a free cup of coffee, use the restroom and chew the fat. You don't even have to take your waders off.

The North Platte Lodge overlooks the upper Grey Reef section and along with The Reef Fly Shop is the only private property on the popular upper Grey Reef access. The North Platte Lodge was the first operation to obtain a permit to legally use BLM lands along Grey Reef for guiding fly fisherman. We boast several other firsts.

We were the first business at Grey Reef to provide fly fishing guides and full service lodging as our only service. We were confident that anglers would come to fish this unknown tailwater. We were the first fly fishing and wingshooting lodge to establish, and still are, the only full service fly fishing and wingshooting lodge at Grey Reef. One of our original owners owned the oldest fly shop in the Casper area. He sold it after almost 20 years of ownership so he could open The Reef Fly Shop in its current location.


What makes the North Platte Lodge so CONVENIENT? From the moment your plane touches the ground we take care of you. We provide complimentary airport transportation, delicious meals and appetizers, clean comfortable accommodations with a casual bed and breakfast atmosphere, the MOST EXPERIENCED GUIDES for Grey Reef and Miracle Mile and far and away the most PRIVATE ACCESS exclusively for our guests.

The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop have undergone several recent renovations.

NEW for the 2009 season . We have revamped the guest rooms and our unique changing room. You will feel even more comfortable than before.

Our low rates have not increased for the past 3 seasons. Even with the recent inflation we have managed to continue to offer a spectacular fly fishing experience without breaking the bank.

The North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop are very proud of the services we provide. We strive to ensure that your fly fishing vacation is not only successful and fun, but a good value.

We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised that such a high quality fly fishing adventure will cost far less than the other popular destinations.

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