The Reef Fly Shop is Wyoming's North Platte River fly fishing source for expert guides and quality products at Grey Reef. The Reef Fly Shop, located in Alcova, Wyoming, is the only fly shop at Grey Reef on the North Platte River.

Located a stone's throw from the main boat ramp, The Reef Fly Shop is owned by the same two families that operate the highly regarded North Platte Lodge. The North Platte Lodge has been hosting fly fishing and wing shooting guests since 1998, and is just a short drive from the fly shop.

The North Platte River from the Miracle Mile to the city of Glenrock, Wyoming (including Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon) comprises some of the most productive trout water this country has to offer. The river's ecosystem, abundant bug life, and consistent temperatures are responsible for making the North Platte River second to none for truly large trout and lots of them!!

In fact, American Angler Magazine named the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River the #1 big fish destination in the world.

• 17 miles of exclusive private access between GREY REEF and SECHRIST
• Private boatramps to put you ahead of the crowd
• The most experienced guide staff on Grey Reef
• An unparalled passion for the sport of flyfishing

Wyoming is one of the last true "western" states. Few people and vast reaches of undeveloped country make Wyoming an ideal place to get away. Miracle Mile and Grey Reef are no exceptions. You won't find crowds of the other popular western tailwaters on the North Platte River.

The Reef Fly Shop and our guide staff know the North Platte River, from the Miracle Mile to Fremont Canyon through Grey Reef and all the way to Glenrock, Wyoming. Decades of combined experience and thousands of guide days on the North Platte River help us to provide you with the ingredients for a successful trip.

Top-notch products, a knowledgeable guide staff, and a great location enable The Reef Fly Shop to completely prepare you for your day. Nowhere else but The Reef Fly Shop can you… purchase soft drinks and ice, fishing licenses, book a guide, arrange a shuttle, get the best gear and specialty patterns for your day on the river. .

Living on the banks of the Grey Reef gives us a commanding view of our fishery. Changing water levels, hatches, and weather are daily events. Our unique perspective allows us to see it all as it happens. The Reef Fly Shop will provide you with the most up-to-date fishing report available!

Private access is a key feature of the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop.

In Wyoming, you must have permission to drop anchor, wade or beach your boat on private property. The land under the North Platte River, especially on Grey Reef, is mostly privately held. We offer 17 miles of private access, on Grey Reef, exclusively for our guests!

What does this mean for you? The ability to stop for a break, a wade fishing session, or quick re-tie will prove to be an invaluable asset.

Don't hesitate to drop us a line or stop in, we would love to get to know you and help with all of your fly fishing needs!







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