North Platte Fishing Report
Grey Reef – Miracle Mile – Fremont Canyon


$450.00/2 anglers-FULL DAY <lunch,drinks & terminal tackle included>

$350.00/2 anglers-HALF DAY <drinks & terminal tackle included>

$160.00/2 anglers-GREY REEF PRIMER <two hours wadefishing with one of our seasoned guides, we throw in a dozen bugs and off you go!>

$475.00/2 anglers-MIRACLE MILE <lunch, drinks & terminal tackle included>

 2014 COTTAGE RATES(per night) APRIL 1-NOVEMBER 30.

$14o.00/2 guests

$155.00/3 guests

$170.00/4 guests

*8% sales tax not included

2014 RV RATES(per night)

$25-power only

$35-full hookup

*8% sales tax not included




Flow-450 cfs

Clarity- Great,  Grey Reef Dam to Casper

Temp.- 56F@ Cable Hole.

Patterns- GREY REEF-GOV. BRIDGE: Nymphs: UV leech, PSL, RS2 foam wing, ice minnow,  mini impaler, crawdizzle,  cdc prince, cdc p-tail, GS mayhem, deep purple, reef worm. Streamers: goldie, bread n’ butter, Morrish medusa(flesh), articulated goldie, dungeon(tan), dungeon(black).


Flow-250 cfs (possibly rising)

Clarity- Stained

Temp.- 55 F

Patterns- Nymphs: REEF worm, flossy worm(red), PSL (brown),  mini impaler, crawdizzle, bush’s dad, san juan(purple), UV leech, ice minnow, UV leech, tan scud.   Streamers: goldie, burgin bugger(olive), articulated goldie.


Flow- 550 cfs (note: flows at the Mile are subject to extreme change; refer to flow graph on home page sidebar

Clarity- mostly clear, tea colored

Temp.- 51F

Patterns- Nymphs: san juan worm(purple), san juan worm(red), pine squirrel leech(brown and crawdad), UV leech(natural), crawdizzle, pat’s rubber leg’s(tan/brn), halfback, fb pt, prince nymph, halfback, inbred golden, RS2 foam wing. Streamers: goldie, bronze bugger, bow river bugger(blk), Morrish medusa(fleshy).

*ROAD conditions from Alcova to the Mile-SPRING WEATHER can change road conditions drastically.  Please use caution!



ATTN: All watercraft being operated in Wyoming will be required to purchase an AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) permit. These can be purchased thru Wyoming Game and Fish online or a license selling agent. [Resident motorized $10.00 annually, Res. non-motorized $5.00 annually, Nonresident motorized $30.00 annually, Nonres. non-motorized $15.00 annually.]


Happy Halloween From Grey Reef!

Wow!  Another beautiful day and virtually no one around.  It sure can’t be the fishing!  Our boys on the river had a very good day yesterday on the upper (Grey Reef).  Good reports were received by nearly everyone who came by the shop.  The hot flies were a Pine Squirrel leach/PAL/Prince combo.  Things are opening up nicely with the weeds as well.  We should be back to business as usual within a couple of weeks.  The flow at Fremont Canyon is holding at 250 cfs.  We aren’t sure if it will continue to rise or not.  We have guide trips from there to below Government bridge today and I am looking for a favorable report from all.  No one has been out to the Mile that I have talked to yet this week.  I hope to get the low down tomorrow morning.

North Platte River Report

You could not ask for a nicer day with temps in the high 50′s and no wind!  It looks like we may not be so lucky this weekend with the wind, but the daytime highs will be mild for this time of year.  The big story today is that Fremont Canyon has been raised again.  Many of the fish have been pushed out into the shallow water and the streamer fishing was good.  The floating debris and clarity wasn’t. Depending on how much flows increase and the duration most of the junk should flush out fairly fast.  Things at the Miracle haven’t changed much in the last week. Fishing is still hit or miss.  We are keeping our ear to the ground and the second we get into the browns we will let you know. We have guide boats on the upper today and I will get the skinny on Grey Reef when they get in tonight.

Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Report

Been a bit breezy the last few days, but today is beautiful!  Lots of big fish have been taken on the Grey Reef section.  The weeds are getting a little better everyday and we should be back to normal within a couple of weeks.  When there has been some cloud cover the streamer bite has been awesome.  Nymphing is still the most productive if you are looking for good numbers of fish. I have received several favorable reports from the various stretches of river between Government bridge and Casper.  Clarity is probably the best in these sections.  Again, streamers and nymphs have been responsible for the lion’s share of the trout taken. The Miracle Mile has been very hit or miss.  Good one day, tough the next.   The recent unseasonably warm temps have seemed to postpone the run of browns coming out of Pathfinder.  Cooler temps are forecast for next week and this will certainly help.  Anglers are experiencing great fishing this week at Fremont Canyon.  Streamers, nymphs and dries have all been productive.  Flows there are expected to increase there shortly, so check the gauge before heading out.  We have not been told just how high it will get.  We will keep you in the loop.

North Platte River Report

The weather has been beautiful the last few days and the forecast is for much of the same through the weekend.  Yes, the wind will blow a bit but what else is new?  Things really haven’t heated up at the Miracle Mile yet, but fish are being caught on the standard fare of worms, leeches, pheasant tails and streamers like the Reefs Goldie, Sparkle Minnows and Sex Dungeons.  Anglers at Fremont Canyon are continuing to enjoy some top water action on a mix of Pseudos, Caddis and Tricos.  When the fish aren’t rising both nymph and streamers are working well.  Here at Grey Reef the fishing remains consistent, but getting your depth and weight right is vitally important.  These adjustments, sometimes necessary in every run, can make the difference between a good and great day. Also, be prepared to do a fair amount of back rowing.  The sections between Government Bridge and Casper still seem to be the float(s) of choice for many, primarily because the fishing has been very good!   There is a wide variety of water types on many of the floats and the trout are responding well to streamers, nymphs and even dry dropper rigs.  At our current flows there is a lot of water available to the wading angler.  If you aren’t sure where to go stop in the shop and I will fix you up with a free access map, suggest some fly patterns and techniques, then off you go!

Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Conditions and Fishing Report

All in all it has been a very quiet week.  Not many folks on the river.  Conditions are good everywhere and reports from the few fisherman I have talked to have been favorable.  The Miracle Mile has been producing fairly well, though lots of smaller fish. Halloween is kind of the benchmark we go by for things to start heating up. When it does it can be epic!  Fremont Canyon has been shining the past few days especially in the canyon itself.  Streamers are the way to go now and I have seen some pics of some very respectable fish.  The weeds have finally stopped growing on Grey Reef and we should see a drastic improvement in the coming weeks.  Most are floating from Government Bridge to Bessemer (not in one day) and the streamer bite has been very good.  Clarity is great  from the bridge down and the vegetation is minimal.

We have lots of availability in our cottages in November and they make a great base of operations  to chase the spawning browns at the Mile.  A trout of lifetime could be waiting for you!

Grey Reef, North Platte River-Flows and Fishing Report 10/13/2014

Been fielding a good number of questions this morning in regards to flows and fishing on Grey Reef and Miracle Mile.  First off, flows on Grey Reef are 450cfs, Miracle Mile 506cfs, respectively.  Can you float Grey Reef at 450cfs?  Absolutely!  Is upper Grey Reef too “weedy” to fish?  No, it is not!  There is a fair amount of vegetation on the upper river…that being said our guides and guests have seen some excellent streamer, dry and nymph fishing the past couple of weeks.  We are catching a lot of nice fish on the upper river right now!  As far as the Miracle Mile is concerned it’s been a little more hit or miss.  Yesterday looked like a ideal streamer kinda day-overcast, rainy, calm.  We managed a few but it was nothing to right home about.  If you are planning a trip to Alcova and you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.  That’s what we’re here for!  307.232.9128

North Platte River Fishing Report

Things were a bit slow on the river yesterday.  Everyone that I talked to caught fish but had to really work for them. Today promises to be and interesting one, with a weather system moving in.  Rain, temps in the 40′s and a stiff north wind will test anyone floating the river today. This coming week is looking like a nice one though breezy.  There is still a mixed bag of insects hatching ;  Trico’s, Pseudos and Caddis, though the Tricos are winding up.  The most productive set ups have been traditional nymph rigs (worms, leeches crayfish patterns with small nymphs) but streamers are taking their fare share of trout.

We still have some availability in our cottages this week.  Give us a call and we’ll get you set up.

Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Wow! What perfect weather we have had the last few days.  Everything is fishing well. I spent some time out at the Miracle Mile yesterday throwing streamers and I was pleasantly rewarded with several nice fish. Spot hopping was the way to go and I found eager trout in nearly every run.  The Reef’s Goldie trailed with a Crawdizzle worked, as well as a Yellow Sex Dungeon.  Clarity and flows are excellent and at 550 cfs the wading was very easy.  Fremont Canyon has been seeing  prolific hatches of Psuedos, Tricos and some Caddis near dusk.  The trout haven’t been particularly picky about patterns, but a good presentation is the key. Flows are normal at 80 cfs and clarity has improved considerably with the recent cool nights.  The wade fishing at Grey Reef is still good and the weeds are starting to die off.  A bit more water is becoming available daily. The Trappers route stretch was insane on Tuesday.   The trees are showing their fall colors, clarity and wading are good, and there is no better time to fish this idyllic setting.  Baetis, Trico, and Caddis patterns should handle any risers and a worm, leech, RS2, prince or hare’s ear combo will produce while nymphing.


FALL FISHING-North Platte River, Grey Reef, Wyoming

All of our Grey Reef guide boats have been having some great fall dry fly fishing the past couple of days.  Tricos, baetis and psuedos have been coming off on all stretches.  A small parachute adams or sparkle para has been the ticket for these fish.  That being said we are about to enter one of the best times to be on Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont.  Mid-October thru November consistently produces some of the largest fish of the year.  Most of these big fish fall victim to a well placed streamer this time of year.  Very few people, combined with great fishing-it’s a no brainer why most of our guides love the fall!  We do have SOME availability in the cottages and for guide trips…so if you have any interest in getting on the water before winter closes in give us a shout or drop us a line.