North Platte Fishing Report
Grey Reef – Miracle Mile – Fremont Canyon


$450.00/2 anglers-FULL DAY <lunch,drinks & terminal tackle included>

$350.00/2 anglers-HALF DAY <drinks & terminal tackle included>

$160.00/2 anglers-GREY REEF PRIMER <two hours wadefishing with one of our seasoned guides, we throw in a dozen bugs and off you go!>

$475.00/2 anglers-MIRACLE MILE <lunch, drinks & terminal tackle included>

 2014 COTTAGE RATES(per night) APRIL 1-NOVEMBER 30.

$14o.00/2 guests

$155.00/3 guests

$170.00/4 guests

*8% sales tax not included

2014 RV RATES(per night)

$25-power only

$35-full hookup

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Flow- 1700 cfs

Clarity- Stained,  Grey Reef Dam to Lusby,  Lusby to Casper – Good

Temp.- 56F@ Cable Hole.

Patterns- GREY REEF-GOV. BRIDGE: Nymphs: UV leech, PSL, RS2 foam wing, ice minnow,  mini impaler, crawdizzle,  cdc prince, cdc p-tail, GS mayhem, deep purple, reef worm. Streamers: goldie, bread n’ butter, Morrish medusa(flesh), articulated goldie, dungeon(tan), dungeon(black).


Flow- 1800 cfs

Clarity- Stained

Temp.- 55 F

Patterns- Nymphs: REEF worm, flossy worm(red), PSL (brown),  mini impaler, crawdizzle, bush’s dad, san juan(purple), UV leech, ice minnow, UV leech, tan scud.   Streamers: goldie, burgin bugger(olive), articulated goldie.


Flow1850 cfs (note: flows at the Mile are subject to extreme change; refer to flow graph on home page sidebar

Clarity- mostly clear.  

Temp.- 51F

Patterns- Nymphs: san juan worm(purple), san juan worm(red), pine squirrel leech(brown and crawdad), UV leech(natural), crawdizzle, pat’s rubber leg’s(tan/brn), halfback, fb pt, prince nymph, halfback, inbred golden, RS2 foam wing. Streamers: goldie, bronze bugger, bow river bugger(blk), Morrish medusa(fleshy).

*ROAD conditions from Alcova to the Mile-SPRING WEATHER can change road conditions drastically.  Please use caution!



ATTN: All watercraft being operated in Wyoming will be required to purchase an AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) permit. These can be purchased thru Wyoming Game and Fish online or a license selling agent. [Resident motorized $10.00 annually, Res. non-motorized $5.00 annually, Nonresident motorized $30.00 annually, Nonres. non-motorized $15.00 annually.]


Grey Reef / North Platte River Report

From what I have heard this weekend, the  Government Bridge to Sechrist float is the way to go right now.  Our guides had a fantastic day there yesterday.  Crawdizzles, Reef worms, leeches, Rs2′s, purple San Juans, and various streamer patterns like the Sparkle Minnow all caught fish.  Visibility is good and the aquatic vegetation is minimal in this stretch.  Grey Reef clarity vastly improved over the last couple of days, but the weeds are starting to hinder the wading angler.  Floating is far more effective at this point.  Not much new with the fly selection on the upper.  Worms, leeches and scud are getting it done.  Take extra care in making sure your rig is free of any moss or grass.  The trout will not eat a dirty fly.  Some caddis are making an appearance in the evenings and the Cable Hole area is giving a lot of fish on a size 18 tan Elk Hair caddis.  Flows are right around 1800 cfs everywhere and the Miracle Mile has been experiencing some occasional clarity issues.  Dirty water from Seminole and Kortes lakes are the likely culprits.  This does seem to  have a negative impact on the fishing there at times.  Fremont  Canyon / Cardwell is still ripping and swinging streamers in the meadow is continuing to produce.

North Platte River Fishing Report

The Grey Reef section is finally clearing.  Weed growth has been slowed a bit by the off colored water and the fishing is much improved.  Leeches, worms (the bigger the better), crayfish and caddis patterns are all providing good results.  Boats on the Bridge to Sechrist did very well yesterday and this may be the float to do until the the weeds stabilize.  With the steeper gradient in that section the weeds typically aren’t as prevalent.  Again, leech, worms and crayfish patterns were responsible for most of the trout boated.  Clarity is currently ok at the Miracle Mile and the fishing has been good.  A 24 inch brown was boated by one of our guests there yesterday.   Big flies are the ticket here as well.  Fremont Canyon / Cardwell has been giving up some good fish on streamers in the meadow stretch.  Don’t forget your wading staff!

Per the Bureau of Rec, flows should hover around 1800 cfs for the next month in all parts of the river.  It never hurts to check the flows before heading out though, especially at the mile.

North Platte River Report

Finally some good news!   For a change, the river below Government bridge is clearer than the upper.  We believe the seasonal vegetation on the Grey Reef section is hanging on to some of the sediment left by the last rain and therefore clearing has been slowed.  Visibility is roughly 18 inches.  With that said, we had boats on the upper yesterday and fishing was good.  Worms, leeches, Rs2′s, PMD’s and Caddis patterns like Birdsnest or a Graphic caddis all produced well.  We have boats on the Government bridge to Sechrist float today and I am sure we will have a favorable report from that stretch by the end of the day.  Pressure has been very light this weekend and as a result I haven’t received any reports from the Miracle Mile or Fremont Canyon.  Flows are both at 1800 cfs, so I suspect that you would be confined to the Cardwell stretch at Fremont.  Everything should be accessible at the Mile and we have several boats out there today. We will know more tomorrow.

North Platte River Conditions and Report

Well, we got another gulley washer the night before last and it has muddied up the river all the way to Casper and below.  Visibility here at Grey Reef is a foot and a half and less the closer you get to town.  Leeches, worms and RS2 foam posts is what I would throw under these conditions.  We did have boats at the Miracle Mile yesterday and they did well on leeches and big San Juan worms.  Clarity there is good and at 1800 cfs most everything is accessible by wading.   Even with the flows at 1800 cfs at Cardwell / Fremont Canyon, trout are being caught in good numbers.  Again, leeches and worms accounted for the majority of the fish taken.

I do not expect the river below Government bridge to clear up much over the weekend, so if you are in search of clear water the Miracle Mile or Fremont Canyon will be your best bet!

Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Well, flows have remained the same for the last couple of days.  I do not look for any changes before Monday morning.  Clarity is great all the way from Grey Reef to Casper.  The Trico”s are coming off in good numbers early in the day and we are seeing pods of feeding fish until 10:00 or so.  When there is some cloud cover this can last as until noon.  A very careful presentation is what’s needed to hook these fish.  Smaller compact streamers have been putting few fish in the boat for those who like to pound the banks. PMDs and Sallies are still producing well during the mid-day hours.  The clarity at Fremont Canyon is getting better and the fishing has been very good there on leech and worms patterns.  Be sure to check the flows before venturing out.  It is expected to rise by Monday.  We have not had any boats at the Mile since the water dropped, but I would assume the fishing and the clarity to be ok.  We will know much more about the flow situation.  Check in with us at the first of the week.

North Platte River Fishing Report

The fishing continues to be very good on all parts of the river.  Mornings are giving us some dry fly action on Tricos and a stealthy approach and presentation are yielding some nice trout.  Royal Wulffs, Renegades and various Trico spinner patterns are getting the job done.  The afternoons are on fire with PMDs and Sallie patterns like the Mercer’s Poxyback, Rusty RS2′s and the PMD Crawler.  The fish have also been very receptive to leech and worm patterns when the PMDs are not coming off.  Clartity is excellent right now all the way to Casper.  Our source at the Bureau of Reclamation has told us that a drop in flows is expected by Monday due to the replacement of a microwave tower. The tentative flow numbers are as follows: Grey Reef 1700 cfs, Miracle Mile 1000 cfs and Fremont Canyon 1200 cfs.  We will update this information as it becomes available.

Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Grey Reef flows have been reduced to 2500 cfs. Not sure why.  However, the fishing is great and now the wading angler will have a little easier time navigating the river.  Yellow Sallies are coming off strong and appropriate patterns like the Little Yellow Sloane and the Iron Sallie have been producing.  It never hurts to throw a worm and a leech either.  Trico fishing in the early morning can be very productive as well, if you are in the right place and the wind isn’t blowing.  The streamer bite is getting better with each passing day below Government Bridge.  Clarity is finally good.  The Miracle Mile has been holding around 2000 cfs.  We had boats there thursday and despite roaring winds they landed fish from every run on San Juan worms and leech patterns.  We are not sure where flows are going to be over the weekend.  Fremont Canyon has dropped to 800 cfs and it looks like flows may continue to decrease in the next several days.  Fishing in the canyon is probably your best bet right now, but the Cardwell section can be good on top when throwing Trico patterns.  Areas above the bridge can be especially good.  The forecast is for temps in the mid 80′s and light winds for the entire weekend.  Get up here and fish!

Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

The fishing here on Grey Reef is outstanding.  We are seeing good numbers of Tricos in the a.m. and the surface activity has been pretty good on the calm mornings. If you find the right water, large pods of risers are common.   On the nymphing side, our guides have been throwing leech/reef worm/Rs2 combos and doing well from Grey Reef to Sechrist. Flows at the Miracle Mile are on the rise and we have not been told how high it will go.  Currently it is at 1800 cfs.  I probably would not venture out there until the flows stabilize.  Off color water with a lot of floating debris should be expected.  Not much has changed at Fremont Canyon.  Fishing in the canyon itself is your best bet for consistent action.  A variety of flies are being used from Tricos, Rs2′s, leeches and worms.The streamer bite is good in the Cardwell section.  A wading staff is very useful there.  Stop by the shop if you ever need any info on the fishing possibilities in our area.  We love to help!

North Platte River Fishing Report

Not much new to report today.  Things are still great on Grey Reef.  Rs’2′s, the Reef’s Lazy, Mercer’s poxybacks and various yellow sallie patterns are producing everyday.  Flows are still stable at 3000 cfs.  The Mile on the other hand, was dropped on Tuesday to 550 cfs for the game and fish to electroshock, but it has not come back up.  When or if,  it will is unknown.  Fremont Canyon is now running at 1050 cfs. Fishing has been good and pressure light.  We have all guides on deck tomorrow.  Look for a stellar report on Saturday.