It’s Trico Time!

We are seeing good amounts of Tricos almost every morning now, and the fish are starting to look up. Our guide boats have been successful throwing the GS Trico Spinner early, if you see some fish podded up feeding on the surface don’t hesitate to throw a dry fly! Fishing in the mornings has been great, our CDC Pheasant tail… Read More

Fish On!

So, the golden stones have tapered off at the Mile(1,200cfs).  The fishing has still been good but the dry/dropper rig is getting less attention than previous weeks-not to say you still can’t get a few to eat.  As far as Grey Reef(1,500cfs,56F) is concerned, earlier seems to be better.  Tricos and midges are the dominant hatches in the morning and… Read More

Glory days of summer!

Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont are all holding steady at their respective flows.  Grey Reef is holding at 1,500cfs, 51-54F, and great water conditions to Government Bridge.  We continue to see cloudy water below due to our recent bump in flows accompanied with the high silt load from our spring rains.  We are hoping this clears a little in… Read More

Water’s up and bugs are popping

After a strange start to the summer, low flows and scorching heat-we have fallen back into a cool and wet pattern.  With that-Grey Reef(1,500cfs), Fremont(72cfs) and Miracle Mile(1,500cfs) have all fallen into a somewhat normal flow pattern.  Bugs are popping on all three and the fishing is solid.  Yesterday I watched fish destroy PMDs at the cable.  There was a… Read More

More Water has Arrived!

We finally are seeing some higher flows below Grey Reef. Flows are holding at 1,000 CFS and are slated to bump up to 1,500 for the rest of the month. The water was dirty yesterday but has improved drastically today! Higher flows have lowered the water temps as well, which is a very good thing, at the cable hole it… Read More

More Water is Coming!!!

We have been told that the flows will increase to 2,200 CFS by Tuesday! More water will be great, lowering water temps and clearing out some of the weed growth and “floaties”. Fishing has been great the past few days on all three tailwaters. TRFS guides Seth and Rick both had awesome days at The Mile yesterday despite the hail… Read More