Fishing Report for Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, and Fremont Canyon

There’s a little break in the weather this weekend and we all have fishing on the brain. Fishing has been solid on all three tailwaters lately. Especially on the warmer days, even just a little change in the water temperature and the fish go crazy! Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS- Fishing has been good the past few weeks with some nice fishing being… Read More

Blowing and snowing.  

We will be honest, our fishing for the month of December has been sporadic.  Our last fishing guests were here mid-month and needless to say, the weather wasn’t the absolute best.  Regardless our  anglers powered through and had excellent fishing, despite the conditions.   December has been the real deal.  Lots of snow and wind, lots of winter.  Great for… Read More

Winter in full force!

Coming off of temps in the negative 30s, winter is finally starting to tighten her grip.  Lower Grey Reef is starting to see some pretty substantial shelf and flowing slush ice, especially on the colder nights. With the winter program in full swing, our guides and other anglers are concentrating on upper Grey Reef, Fremont and Mile(road conditions depending).  Standard… Read More

North Platte Thanksgiving Week Fishing Report

It’s finally starting to feel like November and the fishing is good! With some weather rolling in this week we should start seeing those nice cloudy days that all streamer fisherman have been waiting for. Fishing has been good on all three tailwaters, with Grey Reef and Miracle Mile being the best options. Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS- Fish has been good on… Read More

Finally Fall

Say what you want, it’s nice to see some cooler temperatures in Central Wyoming.  November has been nothing short of spectacular as far as the weather is concerned.  Day after day of 65 and sunny!  From the looks of it we are moving into more of a late fall/winter weather pattern.  With such a mild fall, until just a few… Read More

North Platte Fishing Report- Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, and Fremont Canyon

Fall fishing is here! Though the dry fly fishing has tapered off a little bit the streamer fishing has picked up. Our guides have had some great streamer days recently. Streamers on the smaller side in black, olive, or grey have been the ticket, the Thin Mint is a great fly right now. The weather has been very mild with… Read More