Fall is in the air!

Cool and wet in Central Wyoming this morning.  It without question feels like fall!  Flows are as follows; Grey Reef-800cfs, Miracle Mile-550cfs and Fremont 72cfs.  We currently have clear water conditions from Grey Reef to Casper and beyond.  Fremont is fishable but water conditions are a little soupy.  The Mile is the standard tannic fall color and has been fishing… Read More

Good times on the North Platte

Flows have started to decrease on the big three; Grey Reef-1,500cfs, Miracle Mile-800cfs, and Fremont-72cfs.  Water conditions are great and water temperatures continue to hold in the high 50s, low 60s.  Most of our guides have been concentrating on Grey Reef, doing various floats from the dam to Bessmer Bend.  The trico fishing on the upper remains consistent, with anglers… Read More

Fish looking up…

It’s been a fun couple of days on Grey Reef!  With consistent trico hatches we have been headhunting the past several mornings.  The hatch has varied but we are finding fish on top, regardless.  This morning we threw a sz. 20 para adams (10ft 5X leader) and had fish until around 11am-when the wind kicked up.  After that, we picked… Read More

Dry Fly Time on Grey Reef!

July was a weird month, to say the least. With water temperatures in the 50s, our yellow sally and PMD hatches never really happened in great numbers. So here we are at the head of August and things are looking good!  Grey Reef has dropped down to 2,000cfs and temps are hovering around the 58-60F mark. We are now seeing… Read More

Grey Reef Fishing Report

Well, we’ve officially past the mid-point of summer-at least the way we look at it.  Grey Reef flows continue to hover around 2,500cfs.  Crazy thing is our water temperatures on Grey Reef, as of yesterday morning(at the Outhouse hole), are at 55-56F.  We have to say that this is the coolest we had it, in mid-July.  That being said we… Read More

Summer time on the North Platte!

As of this morning, we have to say it doesn’t exactly feel quite like summer.  We woke to temperatures in the high 40s in Central Wyoming this morning and according to today’s forecast, 72F is going to be the high for the day.  A early taste of fall, maybe?  Flows have begun to stabilize and even drop to reasonable levels… Read More