Summer time on the North Platte!

As of this morning, we have to say it doesn’t exactly feel quite like summer.  We woke to temperatures in the high 40s in Central Wyoming this morning and according to today’s forecast, 72F is going to be the high for the day.  A early taste of fall, maybe?  Flows have begun to stabilize and even drop to reasonable levels… Read More

North Platte Fishing Report- Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, and Fremont Canyon

Flows are on their way down on all three Tailwaters and the fishing is great! Grey Reef dropped to 3,500 CFS today and is supposed to stay there for a little while. With lower flows the water temp will start increasing and we will start seeing more and more summer bugs start to come out. Grey Reef- 3,500 CFS- Fishing… Read More

North Platte Fishing Report- High flows and FUN FISHING!

It’s big fish time on The Reef, we are seeing fish over 25″ come to the net almost every day! All of them are eating worms. We have been throwing san juan worms in all shapes, sizes, and colors and all of them have been working. We have been focusing mainly on the banks, most of the bigger fish have… Read More

North Platte Fishing Report for Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, and Fremont Canyon

Big water is here and the fish are happy! Don’t let the high water scare you off, fishing is great on all three tailwaters right now! Miracle Mile- 7,500 CFS- Fishing has been great and we will start seeing some golden stones here in the next few weeks. If you have a boat getting out to the islands and fishing… Read More

North Platte River Fishing Report- Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon, and Miracle Mile.

The river is flowing! Flows have been steadily increasing over the past few weeks and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. Fishing has been good though! Fish love high water and so do we! A good rule for all three tailwaters is to make sure you are fishing the right water. Slow inside corners, soft edges,… Read More

North Platte Fishing Report- Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, and Fremont Canyon

Here we go! Flows have been bumped up on all three tailwaters.We are in for another big water year and we are excited! Fish love big water, food is abundant and the fish pack on the pounds. Flows should stay the same for the next few days but will soon start increasing again until we reach our summer high. Grey… Read More