North Platte Fishing Report for Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon

Well, it’s that time of year year again!  The first week of September and Grey Reef flows are beginning to drop.  As of this morning we are at 1,100cfs below Grey Reef Dam and we should continue to experience dropping flows until we reach 500cfs.  What’s this mean for fishing on Gray Reef?  As if the fishing couldn’t get any… Read More

Grey Reef Fishing Report

*The Reef is now flowing at 1,300 CFS Dries!  The last several mornings and evenings have produced some stellar dry fly fishing.  We are definitely see a lot of heads popping out sipping bugs these past few weeks, on the upper section and the lower sections. Trico fishing in the morning has been fairly consistent. Throwing a Royal Wulff or… Read More

Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report

Where to start….  Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile conditions are as good as they have ever been for late August!  Grey Reef flows are holding steady at 1,500cfs and water temperatures are hovering around the upper 50’s, low 60’s below Grey Reef Dam.  Water clarity is good all the way to Casper and beyond.  There is some floating… Read More

Summers last stand

Central Wyoming has officially rolled right back into summer.  With temperatures hitting the mid to high 90s the past several days it’s hard to believe fall is anywhere near.  That being said it looks like we should start cooling off early this next week.  Our Grey Reef guides continue to pick off risers on a daily basis-tricos in the morning… Read More

Late Summer Couldn’t be Better!

Flows have been steady and all 3 tailwaters are fishing excellent! The Mile has been great lately and the fish are fat and happy! Leeches and RS2’s have been our main bugs, start of the day to finish. Fremont has been on fire, especially in the mornings during the Trico hatch. Our GS Trico Spinner has been the ticket! The… Read More

It’s Trico Time!

We are seeing good amounts of Tricos almost every morning now, and the fish are starting to look up. Our guide boats have been successful throwing the GS Trico Spinner early, if you see some fish podded up feeding on the surface don’t hesitate to throw a dry fly! Fishing in the mornings has been great, our CDC Pheasant tail… Read More