More Water has Arrived!

We finally are seeing some higher flows below Grey Reef. Flows are holding at 1,000 CFS and are slated to bump up to 1,500 for the rest of the month. The water was dirty yesterday but has improved drastically today! Higher flows have lowered the water temps as well, which is a very good thing, at the cable hole it… Read More

More Water is Coming!!!

We have been told that the flows will increase to 2,200 CFS by Tuesday! More water will be great, lowering water temps and clearing out some of the weed growth and “floaties”. Fishing has been great the past few days on all three tailwaters. TRFS guides Seth and Rick both had awesome days at The Mile yesterday despite the hail… Read More

Low flows and tricos!

Well, it’s officially late June and Grey Reef is still holding stready at 500cfs.   That being said we are seeing tricos on the upper river… typically tricos don’t show until mid-late July.  Oh well, might as well take advantage of some consistent dry fly action like TRFS guide JJ and the Wilcox boys did this morning.  As far as the… Read More

Skinny Water, Fat Fish!

Fishing has been amazing the past few days, great weather, hot fish, and not much of that “W” word! We have a few storms coming the next few days, but the fishing will remain great.We have had boats on all stretches from the Dam down to Sechrist all reporting excellent fishing and conditions. Fishing in shallow water has produced some… Read More

Dodging Storms but Grey Reef is in Great Shape!

Well it appears that we are going to stay in our wet weather pattern in Central Wyoming.  Daily storms continue to roll through our area but fortunate for us we have not taken a direct hit.  That being said water conditions on upper Grey Reef(Dam-Government Bridge) remain excellent-clear, 500cfs and water temperatures in the mid 50s.  We have even started… Read More

Great Weather and Awesome Fishing!

The Reef is looking great and the fishing is even better! The water clarity is good down almost to Government bridge, it is starting to clear up below the bridge though. Fishing has been nothing short of amazing lately and the fish are fighting hard. Water temp is hanging around 45-50 degrees, the fish are loving it! RS2’s, PAL’s, and… Read More